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With paralysis still surging throughout her muscles, Kir is left to the machinations of her foe, and the Alakazam grimaces as Amatsukaze begins to bring her wings churning through the air. A faint gust rises in the arena, before the Togekiss grins maliciously, a pale purple haze shifting towards Kir and engulfing the Alakazam. Besieged by pain, Kir falls to her knees, but quickly recovers, glaring at her foe with a determined constitution. Channeling a faint pink aura in her right spoon, she thrusts it through the air, sending a winding beam into the body of Amatsukaze. Without warning, the Togekiss disintegrates in a sharp burst of green smoke, the real Amatsukaze standing some distance away from the clone. With a triumphant cry, she sends a gusting wind intermingled with glistening golden energies into her foe, but Kir remains staunch, whipping her spoon through the air and sending a sharpened blade of condensed energy towards Amatsukaze, the Togekiss unable to evade.

Amatsukaze has a lead now, with Kir being not far from the midpoint. Both remain good for two, with Amatsukaze retaining enough Ghost for a Shadow Ball and enough Bug for one more Silver Wind.

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