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Round 2: Time for cooking class!

With Solaire out on the field now, the heat in this playground's starting to rise! Maybe it's just the little bonfire in the corner of the playground where kids are cooking sweet potatoes in a pile of fallen maple leaves though. Rotating rapidly, the Solrock sends a whipping flame wrapping around Fei Xing, burning up the concrete as the spiral begins to rise as high as the school building itself! Needing to break out of this heat though, Fei Xing leaps out of the flames, body getting licked by the flames as she rushes towards the sun cloaked in a pale green aura! Seguing into a spin kick, she connects her foot with Solaire as it begins to summon forth some waves of physical psychokinetic power! Some of the purple pulses clip the Mienfoo for some nasty damage before her body vanishes back into its Poke Ball, being replaced with the artist formerly named Prince, now Prinz! Kush will be so proud to see someone in the lower levels using an Umbreon. Prinz on the other hand isn't too pleased to see that what Fei Xing kicked wasn't Solaire's true form though...

Fei Xing didn't escape unscathed, taking some painful hits as she left the field. Bug is at half tanks. Solaire has plenty of flames to use, not taking any damage thanks to Mr. Clean's gift. Prinz has the Calm Mind boost from Fei Xing, although that's going soon.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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