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Round 1: Why does every Mienfoo and Mienshao have a name like that?

Wow did I really miss this? Goddammit me, I'm so sorry. Anyhoo, with that question, don't answer it.

After a long period of time where the ref is waiting for the recess bell to ring, Prince casts out a Poke Ball to bring out Fei Xing! Her stance in good form today, Kayla responds with a Rotom who has taken over a washing machine, Mr. Clean! A relatively even match-up it seems.

Clearing her mind, Fei Xing focuses only on Mr. Clean and the playground, blocking out the quiet chatter from the distant classrooms! Enjoying the special attack boost, she watches as the Rotom-Wash does... nothing? Unknown to the Mienfoo, Mr. Clean has set up a doppelgänger of himself to keep himself clean using a portion of his own stamina! Even so, Fei Xing rushes forward, palm outstretched, to deliver a forceful strike on the washing machine! Usually gets those broken ones working in a jiffy! Luckily, Mr. Clean is safe for the time being, letting loose a concentrated pulse of electricity into the Mienfoo as he makes a quick retreat into his Poke Ball! In his place rises the sun, Solaire!

(My Solrock's already taking a liking to that, huh.)

Some damage puts Fei Xing on the backburner for now, especially when Solaire has Mr. Clean's gift of a weakened Substitute at its side! Who shall reign supreme in this courtyard duel with Fei Xing's boost?!

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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