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Round 1: Begin Sortie!

Waves roll gently on the open seas of the Eastern Orel Bay as the two trainers await the referee to finish his snack. A really big snack. Or more rather, for the snack to stop snacking on him. Deciding he'll deal with it later, he shoves the animated monster hamburger into another portal before dusting himself off. Standing up on his Scolipede, he instructs the combatants to deploy their flagship Pokemon! Machamp-X tosses her Poke Ball out, summoning the form of a Phione out into the field! Relm, certainly pleased with being sent out to a battlefield reminiscent of home, looks on in surprise as Benny sends out Lin-Fu! As she lands on the water with the grace of a ice-skater, the Mienshao adopts a fighting stance, poised to take down the tiny water fairy that isn't a fairy!

Phione (Water): Phione are made from pure water, making them slightly resistant to physical attacks. They can restore health from clean water or rain once per battle, restoring up to a Thunderbolt worth of health for no energy cost. They can levitate.

Mienshao (Fighting): Mienshao train in conducting long strings of attacks, able to perform consecutive attacks with great ease. Attacks that score multiple hits will be harder to interrupt and get in additional hits and attacks that are combined or can be used in quick succession will be more likely to succeed. The whip-like hairs extending from their hands can be used to give more range to their attacks and will cause a slight stinging sensation at the site of the hit. They are skilled jumpers and are less likely to injure themselves than other Pokémon.
Allowing herself to seize the first opportunity, Relm sprays a steaming stream of scalding seafoam (holy hell, try saying that three times fast) right for the Unovan! However, Lin-Fu won't stand still, not when her sight is at risk! Lunging to the side, she speeds towards the Phione, ignoring the heated stings that assault her whip-like hairs and snapping them at Relm's forehead! And by forehead, it's more Relm's whole body because she is hella tiny! Reeling in pain, Relm pushes on with a glowing cyan orb from the third generation! Launching it at her foe point-blank, she watches with glee as the Mienshao staggers backwards! Baring her fangs, Lin-Fu makes it clear that she isn't confused, slamming her fist overflowing with power into the Water-type! Relm crashes into the water, skipping like a stone before she manages to get back into the air, notably worried about that attack buff Lin-Fu's given herself.

Both are relatively equal in terms of health, but Lin-Fu has used up some of her Flying pool.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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