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Hope I can make it challenging and fun!! ^_^

Yin, Level 1 Male Nincada

Solaire, Level 1 Solrock

Nefurhotep, Level 1 Male Furfrou

Fortissimo, Level 1 Male Chatot

Mr. Clean, Level 1 Rotom-Wash

Jupiter, Level 2 Male Castform
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show

Signature Move:
Special Technique: "Sulfuric Storm" (Water/Poison)

Jupiter chants ominously to the sky to make it rain and using decent energy. Red clouds will form overhead and begin to drop a very acidic rain upon the battlefield. The acidic rain drops will deal light damage per round to any non-poison type Pokémon on the field, as well as generally stinging with a burning sensation and possibly making it harder to concentrate.

Jupiter, being the Weather pokemon, will transform into his Rain Form(but colored violet) and he gains Poison/Water typing during the duration of the Acid rain. All of his water attacks also gain the Poison typing and will have a 5% chance of inflicting poison upon his foes. They will be super effective against Fairy and Fire and be resisted by Ghost, Water, Poison and Dragon.
Any poison type Pokémon will be more at ease in these conditions and both Poison and Water attacks will deal 10% more damage. Fire and Fairy attacks will deal 10% less damage.

Jupiter can only use this move once per battle, and after five rounds, it will turn into normal rain for 5 more rounds(since Castform's weather is usually very strong and lasts for 10 rounds anyways.)

Let's go with Mr. Clean!
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