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Here's to chaos! I had a hard time picking out the squad >>;

Iskander: Male Hariyama [Level 4]
Hariyama (Fighting): Hariyama are slow and lack agility but are sturdy and difficult to knock over. Hariyama have large, powerful hands and any attacks performed by use of their hands (Arm Thrust, Knock Off, possibly Rock Slide) do 1.2x more damage. This does not apply to fist attacks, such as Mega Punch or Dynamic Punch. Thanks to the thick layer of fat in their skin, Hariyama take slightly less damage from Ice and Fire-type attacks and are resistant to extreme temperatures. They can see in the dark.
Bio: "A cowardly thief would sneak away in the night; the King of Conquerors leaves with his loot amidst songs of victory!"
A true king amongst his subjects, Iskander and his army of Makuhita were renowned for overthrowing the oppressive Geodude Army of Mt. Mortar, but soon left their conquered land to pursue the sea believed to be down the south of Johto. His comrades fell in battle with rival nations, but Iskander pushed on, their wills in his heart as he strived to charge forth, creating a chariot of energy to carry the wounded with himself pulling the reins. Meeting me at the end of the line, I promised him a world of exploration, ripe for the conquering. He happily obliged, with the dreams of conquering the world alongside his companions.
Special Technique: Gordius Wheel (FIGHTING)
Slamming his hands together brimming with considerable Fighting energy, Iskander creates a glorious chariot of fighting spirit in front of him, with two giant palms of energy adorning the front of the chariot. These palms are the size of Iskander himself, and are physical manifestations of his own palms. He may choose to ride the chariot himself, or send it flying towards his opponent with a palm thrust, but regardless, the impact of the chariot's wide palms will deal considerable Fighting damage, with a 20% chance to cause confusion. The chariot disintegrates back into energy after colliding with the opponent, allowing Iskander to land safely on his feet if he rode it. Gordius Wheel does not deal super-effective damage to Dark or Rock types, but does not deal not-very-effective damage to Psychic or Flying types. Instead, Gordius Wheel deals neutral damage to Dark, Rock, Psychic and Flying type Pokemon.
Hidden Power: Ghost

Re-kyuu: Female Scolipede [Level 5 Uplevel]
(Notes: Monochromatic colour scheme, predominately white, with varying shades of black and grey. Eyes are blue with wisps extending from them.)
Scolipede (Bug/Poison): The arm-like extensions on their neck are actually spines that seep poison. Physical attacks used with or that hit these spines have a chance of causing light poisoning (about 10%, does not stack with any poison chance in a move). Thanks to the adaptation of their preevo, their poison also has a 5% chance of localized paralysis if foes make contact.
Bio: "Gonna wreck you~!"
All things originate from the sea. Even the largest of creatures were once creatures of the deep, their primal instincts having been to swim at some point in their evolution. Re-kyuu is a strange case, her growth into the Scolipede stage not impeded by the pressure of the sea, in fact, her diet consists primarily of fish and ships. And helpless sailors on the brink of despair. When I encountered her, you didn’t even have to ask for my reaction. I was terrified. The fact that she appeared in the sea was one thing, to appear 200 metres below the sea's surface was a completely different thing with flaring eyes and a white carapace of thick armour. Her destructive capabilities were insane, keeping more than thirty Gulpin at bay for some time. Only with Akagi's support and the Gulpin colony's assault were we successful in subduing her, her power now restricted under my command so that she doesn't terrorise the seas as much as she used to.
Special Training: Bane of Admirals
Re-Kyuu now knows how to use Dive, Roar, Surf and Scald, gaining Water familiarity as a result. She is now able to swim quite well, on par with a Seaking for speed, and average agility in water. Re-kyuu is also capable of breathing underwater for long periods of time. Re-kyuu has forgotten the use of X-Scissor, Sludge Bomb and Double Team.
Hidden Power: Water

Amatsukaze: Female Togekiss [Level 4]
Togekiss (Fairy/Flying): Despite their appearance, they are fast and agile fliers. Togekiss are also capable of minimal levitation, allowing them greater stability. Togekiss can be trained only by trainers that make them happy, so Return is more powerful when used by one.
Bio: "I wonder which direction is the wind blowing..."
So I met Amatsukaze while out on a training trip to an archipelago, perfect for training my birds and floating Pokemon. Amatsukaze had been living on her lonesome for a while it seems, and she was delighted to see another face on the island that we arrived on. While affectionate to the majority of my troupe, she's on bad terms with Kuroha. Then again, not much of my team likes him. Not like he gives a damn anyway. So back to the archipelago. Turns out Kuroha had invited himself along, hoping that there would be something for him to break, such as a Togepi. As the black snake lunged forward to try eat Amatsukaze, she screamed really loudly. Not out of fear, but out of sheer annoyance and anger at Kuroha, which caught him quite off guard. Amatsukaze's family trademark was how they could bring the winds of the skies and earth together for a devastating combination, as Kuroha found out after being walloped by a burst of earth-infused sound.
Special Training: Winds of Heaven and Earth
Amatsukaze can use a Ground type variant of Hyper Voice, Twister, Fairy Wind and Air Slash as they become available to her with evolution. These are ordered as "Earth's [Hyper Voice / Twister / Fairy Wind / Air Slash]". In addition, she has 1.2 HBs of Ground energy to use these variants. She is no longer able to use Fire Blast, Drain Punch, Soft-Boiled, Double-Edge or Curse.
Hidden Power: Ground

Rutee: Female Super Sized Gourgeist [Level 4]
(Note: Changed colour from the average orange and black colour scheme to a pale blue and white colour scheme)
Gourgeist (Grass/Ghost): Gourgeist come in four sizes, Small, Average, Large and Super. The Super size has a good deal more HP than average (about major damage more), but is very slow. Gourgeist have the ability to create searchlights from their eyes. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a them to light searchlights. They are solid by default, but can become ethereal for a short time to evade attacks.
Bio: "I'm baaaaaack! And cooler than ever!"
Having embraced her inner wintermelon, Rutee has returned to my squad, cooler and more gorgeous than ever! Having trained in the chilling lands of Kuno's old gym, her body has changed colour from the average orange and black of most Pumpkaboos to a pale blue and white colour scheme, able to hide in blizzards as a result! It seems she also picked up a nifty lil' thing during her stay from a behemoth that Kuno left hidden in the depths of the ice, in the caverns beneath… Kyurem!
Special Training: Embrace End (Ice)
Rutee can now use Icicle Crash, Icy Wind and Powder Snow, with the Ice energy to use Icicle Crash twice. Due to her frigid training regime up in Siberia, she now only takes neutral damage from Ice type attacks, but now takes neutral damage against Ground and Grass type attacks. Her Ice type attacks are unaffected by heat, but she may no longer use Destiny Bond, Fire Blast and Incinerate. Rutee no longer recovers energy from strong sunlight and does not have the extra enthusiasm that Grass types normally have in strong sunlight either. She isn't bothered by the cold though.
Hidden Power: Water

Gipsy Danger: Genderless Golurk [Level 4]
Golurk (Ground/Ghost): Golurk are inorganic. Though slow and robotic, they are quite heavy and bulky for their size, allowing them to deal slightly more damage from physical attacks. Despite being very large and extremely heavy, Golurk have the astounding and mysterious ability to fly at high speeds through the air, though this can burn energy very swiftly. They are more or less permanently solid and cannot change in to the other states for extended periods, though they can become ethereal for a few seconds to lessen damage from attacks. Their invisible state is not true invisibility, but they can use Ghost energy to make themselves less visible for a short period of time.
Bio: "ELBOW ROCKET! *smashes stuff*"
Uncovering the ruins of a giant mecha during an expedition through a cavern that collapsed months ago, Gespenst took a look at the databanks that were salvaged from the decommissioned robot to find that it was from an alternate dimension. One where humanity was at the brink of annihilation... This particular mecha ended up falling through a dimensional fissure and ended up here after fighting the monsters that had wiped out massive proportions of humanity. The combat data was a wealth of information for Gespenst though, who adopted the name of the fallen mecha to honour its legacy, learning how to optimise its own punches by making them hit like a 747 to the face.
Signature Attack: Elbow Rocket (GHOST)
Gipsy Danger pulls back its fist, charging major Ghost energy into it and drawing the opponent's attention. With a burst of massive speed, Gipsy Danger sends its fist crashing into the foe for major Ghost-typed damage and interrupts their move if they were about to use one. In realistic, this can cause severe bruising, even broken bones from the sheer speed of the attack. It can also leave the foe to be somewhat disoriented from the impact, but Gipsy Danger will have a 10% speed reduction for the following round to recover from the attack.
Hidden Power: Flying
Attached Token: Reaper's Token
Reaper's Token (10 SP) - This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type Pokémon. If the Pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected Pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This item causes the move Fling to deal Ghost type damage if it is thrown. This token is available only during the Halloween 2013 sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Harusame: Female Cradily [Level 4]
(Notes: Her tentacles are bright pink as normal Lileep have them. They taper off to a fluorescent shade of blue rather than darkening though. Her body is a much lighter shade of purple, becoming completely pink when she evolves into Cradily)
Cradily (Rock/Grass): Cradily can stick to the ground to absorb nutrients. Lifting or trying to move this Pokémon will count as it having double weight. Cradily's Ingrain is more effective than normal. While they are capable of movement when not rooted down, they are quite slow, as they must hop around to get around. As a sea lily, their natural habitat is the ocean, allowing them to stay underwater indefinitely. They also take slightly less damage from Water-type attacks. They are capable of seeing in the dark.
Bio: "Nothing beats my Mapo Harusame!"
Working part time as a noodle chef, Harusame knows that the best broth takes time to prepare, mostly to bring out the ultimate in flavour. Finding that Pokemon enjoy eating in battle as well, Harusame tried to make some special broth for her opponents to have to whet their appetite. Initial taste tests showed that only the spicy broths were able to be made best in the short time frame, so I guess it works with all the excess Spelon Berries I just happen to have stashed away in the inventory. Spicy noodles best noodles, nuff said. Everyone in the troupe loves noodles. \o/
Signature Move: Super Spicy Mapo Broth (FIRE)
Brewing up considerable Fire energy in her mouth, Harusame draws in additional nutrients from her surroundings to perfect her soup. Once the broth is ready, the scalding hot broth of energy is poured over her opponent to deal considerable Fire damage, with a 30% chance to cause burns and a 30% chance to flinch. These are rolled separately, and a Pokemon may flinch and be burned at the same time as a result of this attack. However, if the broth makes contact with any organs involved in tasting food, Super Spicy Mapo Broth will have an increased chance to flinch from 30% to 50%. If Harusame is in water or in an environment under the effects of Rain Dance on the turn that preparation begins, Super Spicy Mapo Broth fires in an almost rapid-fire like fashion from Harusame's mouth. Otherwise, Super Spicy Mapo Broth will function similarly to Future Sight. In this variation, a beam of translucent energy will be fired into the air and disperse into the surroundings, stewing in the heat of battle for two to three rounds, depending on round length. A gurgling rumble will resound just before the searing-hot finished broth condenses around the target and drenches them. Harusame has the Fire energy to use this twice, and Super Spicy Mapo Broth is not weakened by the effects of Rain Dance or water in general.
Hidden Power: Flying

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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