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Omanyte UPN PASBL: KamenAeons vs. Lanturn

Originally Posted by Lanturn
KamenAeons vs. Lanturn
4 vs. 4
Equiall 4
Switch = KO
72 Hour DQ
Team Plasma's Castle
Spoiler: show
Long abandoned to the annals of time, Team Plasma's Castle has fallen into disrepair. Battles will take place in the expansive courtyard, littered with debris from the collapsed building. In the center of the courtyard is a large water feature, the intricate statue standing at the center having eroded into obscurity. The waters are both deep and wide enough for Pokemon to comfortably swim in, but at at their deepest roughly 10 feet. Vines hang down from the edges of the courtyard, and nimble Pokemon will be able to use them as a climbing frame. As always, within reason, if one of the batters mentions positioning of an object, the battler is considered to be correct unless it contradicts a previous statement.
Should be pretty fun! Get those squads in.

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