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Round 6: Clinging by a thread

Jordan shakes off the pain lingering on his body, seizing his chance to overcome Ion by conjuring a second orb of spooky death in his palms, unleashing it unto the plasma spectre as it tries to escape, only to be struck by the swirling winds of ghost energies that cause Ion to screech madly. Buzzing with less zip than earlier, Ion glows with another sparkling shine, a beam of electricity streaming forth and blasting Jordan square in his torso! While the violet tactician steadies himself from the blow, Ion cackles weakly as it is left both with a power up to its special attacks as well as more electricity to quick-charge some lightning strikes! Gritting his teeth, Jordan follows up his assault by letting pitch black globules surround him, the Rotom's response being to shoot forth a harrowing gale, not compressed into a ball form in hopes to obtain a boost! The winds churn about and batter Jordan as he releases the dark potential of his might, trying not to let the black miasma of the attack cloud his judgment, and is rewarded by Ion causing more of a racket with his pain. Unknown to Jordan however, Ion has managed to gain another boost in this round, this time to all of his stats sans speed, which could mean life and death for the spritely Rotom! Seeing the success of his power so far, Jordan goes for an encore performance, allowing more orbs to surround him before sending them flying forward, each projectile whizzing through and permeating Ion's plasma frame! The Sinnoh spectre glows faintly, its strength waning until everyone realises that the last series of boosts has managed to spare him defeat by only the slimmest of margins!

Ion's pretty much going down from a rock phasing throw it, but the Rotom had a mildly light round in comparison to his opponent. Jordan is feeling rather winded for now, but could do with another series of two movers if light, while Ion can barely manage a two mover in its condition. Jordan's out of Dark and Ghost now, but he only needs to make one hit.

Kindrindra has one three mover remaining.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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