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Round 1: A Light Opening Act

The referee finally appears at the podium, with one of his current opponents now battling a foe for the third time! Both being good friends of the ref, the masked man gives the go-ahead for their Pokemon to be summoned to the field of Joyous Replays! Rotomotorz's star Pokemon and easily his mascot is his first choice, Ion whizzing about gleefully as it watches Kindrindra draw out a Poke Ball! With a swing, the capsule flies skyward to reveal not a pink Audino, but a sparkling violet one named Jordan! Quite the tactician, he seems as though he has already prepared himself for this scenario! How will this waltz play out between the self-proclaimed lord of the inorganics and the overseer with the dice controlling fate in another universe?
Audino (Normal): Audino have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. They are skilled healers and their healing moves are slightly more effective than normal. They are also skilled at hiding and will be able to conceal themselves more easily than normal.

Rotom (Electric/Ghost): Rotom are considered permanently in 'plasma' state, which counts as the ethereal state, and cannot achieve the solid, ethereal or invisible states. However, they can pass through walls in this 'plasma' state and are able to occupy objects for a much longer time than other Ghosts. While occupying an object on the battlefield, they will take full damage from attacks if that object is hit with attacks. Despite these abilities, Rotom cannot stay in walls, floors, or other significant surfaces for any longer than the typical ghost. Despite being locked out of the physical state, they take only 10% extra damage from special moves. Rotom are very fast and able to turn corners sharply and instantly. Rotom levitate by default in their natural forme. Rotom may change 'formes' and bond itself more permanently with an object, thus changing its moves, abilities, typing and appearance (see Ghost Information for more details). Regardless of forme, Rotom are inorganic and fight most enthusiastically in urban environments. Regardless of forme, Rotom are inorganic and fight most enthusiastically in urban environments.
Already attempting to turn the tables, Jordan concentrates on warping the world around him, a faint glow of light emanating from his feelers as he does so! The referee chuckles at the nostalgia of this, having used a similar strategy in one of his own matches against a Rotom. The more you learn, the better you are, eh? Anyhoo, the Rotom snickers, with its phantasmic body beginning to glow brightly! From Ion's tiny body radiates a ray of confounding light, searing itself into the Audino's retinas, the Normal Type forgetting what he was planning to do! The room does look mildly tricky already after all! With its speed still assured for the time being, the electric phantom zips about as a fearsome eye looks down upon the befuddled Jordan! His body seizing up in an instant, the violet Audino yelps as his confusion is quickly replaced with terror, his body washed over with a torrent of spectral waves! His mind shaken, but not stirred, Jordan glares at Ion for being made a fool of, humming an aquatic verse that ripples in the air! Bracing himself, Ion's plasma frame is washed out by the wave of sound, an odd splashing sensation coursing through him as he maintains his focus for the next round!

With Jordan's Trick Room preparations messed with, the Audino is fortunate enough to have a lot of Psychic left in him. He's got a bit of health to catch up on if you compare his condition with Ion's. Funnily enough, they've used reasonably similar amounts of energy, Jordan leading the way there.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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