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Biribiri once again sends a Bug Buzz towards Mars, the red sound waves crashing over the Ralts' body and soliciting a sharp cry of pain. Angered, Mars summons his rage in the form of a small, but frighteningly intense flame, hurling the churning orb towards Biribiri. The Joltik screeches loudly, before spewing form small orbs of Bug- type energy, which surround Mars and begin to pester the Ralts' skin. Shrugging the intense irritation off, Mars chucks yet another Will-o-Wisp at Biribiri, the Joltik this time succumbing as the burning attack does away with her health.

Biribiri is unable to battle! Celebii151 is the victor!

Celebii151 gains 2 KO's and 4 TP.
KamenAeons gains 2 TP.
Connor gains 4 SP.
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