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Gabby is recalled, swiftly replaced by a small Joltik named Biribiri. The Joltik wastes no time in enacting her orders, a shrill noise echoing around the Forest. Lento hisses loudly in pain as the Bug Buzz strikes, quickly retaliating by lancing a scorching Flamethrower towards Biribiri. The Joltik is consumed by the surging fires, but quickly perseveres, generating huge amounts of Electric- type energy before lancing a Discharge forwards. Lento, just barely hanging on, spews forth a Scalding stream of water, happy with his efforts, before expending Psychic- type energy to look into the Future, his enhanced Sight setting in motion a summoned attack.

Lento is hanging on by a thread, well into critical. He's exhausted too. Biribiri is just above the halfway mark already, looking fresh.
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