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Gabby dives forward, raking her claws through the ground at her feet. With a flick of her arm, she sends a decent clod of mud hurtling towards Lento, who grumbles as the Gible watches triumphantly. Darting forwards, Gabby this time coats her right claw in a thick layer of Dragon- type energy, but as she strikes Lento with the energy coated appendage, Lento suddenly turns around, slamming a Steel- coated tail into the Gible's side. Gabby is sent hurtling away, slowly dragging herself to her feet, and as she does, her face shows an expression of sheer horror. Lento turns to face her once again, his maw this time emanating a definitive cyan aura. Opening his mouth wide, he sends a vicious blast of concentrated wind and Ice- type energy towards Gabby, who screeches loudly in agony as her health is obliterated.

Gabby is already into critical reaches, the Blizzard essentially totalling her health. She remains good for two, however. Lento is approaching the midpoint of health, and is panting somewhat after the Blizzard.
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