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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Two Gastlies play chess in front of the Cable Club, focusing intently on the game and exchanging humorous insults to one another. The Gastly moving the ebony pieces across the board has a charming lilt in his laugh, idle mischief in his grin, and a playful glint in his eye; in contrast to this Gastly's infectious charm, the Gastly controlling the ivory pieces has a decidedly more sinister gaze, his laugh taking on the characteristics of an evil cackle.

Suddenly, one of the Gastlies cries out "Checkmate!" in a loud voice, as the ebony queen moves in to trap the ivory king between herself and the one remaining ebony rook. "A fine game! With practice, you will improve for sure," the Gastly in charge of the ebony pieces gives his friend a reassuring smile. Despite the somewhat dark and spooky nature of the losing Gastly, he seems to take the loss in stride.

As one of the Gastlies declares himself the winner, Coselle lifts her head to look at the victor. "I would think you would go easy on a beginner, Cheshire. After all, he is only few hours out of his egg..."

"How would he learn if I went easy on him? That would be silly! He will learn by making mistakes. Besides, since when did winning matter?"

"The ebony pieces will be writing the history of this battle, Cheshire... They now control the entirety of the board, and all that goes with it." Coselle smirks. "Of course, I never said that I disagreed with your methods. I am simply surprised."

Both Gastlies laugh in response to Coselle's statement, as they work together to clear the board and repopulate it with chess pieces, neatly stacked in two rows. Meanwhile, Coselle runs through the texts on her Xtranceiver... Some offers of Gastly (all of which are promptly deleted), and a message from her sister titled, "Payment". Coselle opens the text, which was in response to Coselle's question on how Marion would be reimbursed for the Gastly she rightfully hatched.

"You can keep the coins, but the candies are mine. To make up for it you need to sew me a new dress, and be the one to exercise Gadget for the next month. Oh, I also want that black corset of yours (and you can't ask why I need it - the promise is part of the payment). Deal?"

Coselle grimaces at the sight of the message. She had a number of black corsets, but she knew exactly which one that Marion was talking about... She loved that corset, and was rather hesitant to let her sister have it. Even worse, her curiosity as to why Marion would want such a lascivious garment could not be answered! Gritting her teeth, she quickly types the four letters "DEAL" in all caps, and sends it to her sister, sighing a bit afterward.

The two Gastlies seem excited to begin another match; before the game can begin, however, Cheshire points to a man making his way in the crowd, his ever-present grin widening. "You see, my friend? Your new trainer is coming! Oh, I am certain you will like him. He is one of us, you see..." Cheshire then makes a hushing motion with his spectral hand, to indicate that what he has just informed the Gastly is a secret that should be closely-guarded.

Upon seeing Keith approaching, the dark-haired woman attempts to appear rather bored and disinterested, gazing at the night sky, the stars obscured by the bright blur of city lights. The Cable Club was situated right near the center of Fizzytopia, and the city created its own sort of industrial fog, an impermeable haze of concrete and fluorescence that nature seemed to have difficulty penetrating. There was something oddly comforting to Coselle about being able to hide from nature... And yet, the small blades of grass peaking through the cracks, the large trees sprouting in relatively small brown patches... The Earth always seemed to poke back through, somehow.

She does not meet Keith's gaze for awhile, seeming to prefer the light pollution above her to the world around her for a moment. When she finally acknowledges Keith, it is with a calm nod and a slight smirk.

"Here for your Gastly, I see," she remarks coolly; try as she might, however, the flicker of passion in her eyes speaks more strongly than her words. She turns toward the Cable Club door, holding the door open and motioning for him to come inside. She follows close behind, recalling the Gastly who had previously been manipulating the ivory pieces to his Pokeball in order to prepare for the trade. The Gastly named Cheshire continues to look on, hovering over Coselle's shoulder with his ever-present grin.

Coselle places the Pokeball on her side of the trade machine, seeming deep in thought. Her texts to Keith had been rather short, dispassionate... Did he want the Gastly? How much was he willing to pay? Would he be willing to meet her at such-and-such an hour? If she had intended the trade with some measure of kindness, she did not show it outwardly. Yet, as much as she hated to admit it, she wanted him to be happy... and she dearly hoped he was. Her eyes drift towards him, and she tries to read his expression, hoping that he was pleased with the Pokemon that would soon be his.

((OOC: Trading a Level 1 Male Gastly to MissingNo. Master for 9 candies and 9,420 coins.))

It was with great excitement that Keith approached the Cable Club- he couldn't quite believe it once Coselle had texted him, informing him of a Pokemon Marion had hatched and was willing to trade- a Gastly. Keith had wanted a Gastly of his own for some time now, and naturally was eager to trade for it. It was gonna cost him a fortune, but this was fine with him.

As Keith arrived, he grinned widely at the sight of his girlfriend Coselle, plus a pair of Gastly, one of which Keith barely got a look at before it was called back into its Poke Ball. This, he supposed, was the Gastly to be traded to him; the other one, Cheshire, Marion's Gastly. Coselle didn't immediately acknowledge Keith, and when she did, it was calmly and coolly. However, something in her eyes betrayed how she was feeling, and it was with a knowing glint in his eyes that Keith smiled at her. They made their way into the Cable Club, and Coselle placed the Poke Ball on the trade machine. On his end, Keith piled nine Rare Candies and a big bag containing exactly 9,420 coins. The trade itself took less than twenty seconds, and before he knew it, Keith found himself holding a Poke Ball and happily thanking Coselle. He opened up the ball, letting the Gastly back out. The Gastly looked right at Keith and gave a sadistic cackle, while watching him carefully. Keith, however, seemed entirely unfazed by this. Indeed, as the Gastly watched him, his cackling slowly died down, and his manic grinning expression slowly turned to a look of dawning comprehension.

"Gastly, is everything OK?" Keith asked. "I'm Keith, your new trainer."

"Wait a minute," the Gastly muttered in perfect English as he floated in circles around Keith, looking at him from all angles. "Take off the hat... Shave off eight years... Good lord, it's you," the Gastly gasped. "That human, in the Fiery Path-"

"Wait a second," Keith said, he himself gaining a look of dawning comprehension on his face. "You've seen me before? By any chance, would your name happen to be Chuck?"

"How did you know that?!" demanded the Gastly in astonishment.

"Let's just say, I think one of your new teammates is going to be very pleased to see you," Keith replied. With that, he thanked Coselle once more and walked out of the Cable Club, Chuck the Gastly floating over his shoulder.

Trading 9 Candies and 9,420 coins to Marion for her level 1 male Gastly. Thanks so much, Marion!!
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