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Charizard Trade List

Pokemon I Have:
Houndour (M) Lv.1

Pokemon I'd Like:
Eevee (M/F)
Fennekin (M/F)
Froakie (M/F)
Growlithe (F)
Mareep (F)
Riolu (M)
Vulpix (M)
Cacnea (Blue Shard Quest)
Diglett (Gold Shard Quest)
Foongus (Red Shard Quest)
Goldeen (Yellow Shard Quest)
Pidgey (Silver Shard Quest)
Remoraid (Green Shard Quest)
Shellos (Red Shard Quest)
Slugma (Yellow Shard Quest)
Vullaby (Silver Shard Quest)
Zigzagoon (Red Shard Quest)
Various whims

Items I Have (see profile):
2013/2016 New Year's Ball
Base Stuff
Chocolate Ball
Christmas Ball
Fast Ball
Fire Stone
Gems (Dark, Fairy, Rock)
Ghost Ball
Gingerbread Ball
Gummis (Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, Silver, Yellow)
Ice Ball
Leaf Stone
Moon Stone
Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
Never-Melt Ice
Snow Ball
TCG Cards
Thunder Stone
Unicorn Horn
Water Stone

Items I'd Like:
Cyberball (Yellow)
Gummis (especially Clear, Gold, Mysterious, Red, and Sky)
Piles of Ash

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