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A black-haired young woman in her early twenties smokes a cigarette outside of the Cable Club. Her eerily pale skin is largely unprotected from the chill of late Autumn, preferring a black tank top with a single Banette eye design and a pin-striped, chain-covered miniskirt to any sort of warmth. She adjust one of her long combat-style boots with one hand as she takes a drag from her cigarette with the other. The pale-eyed, spectre-esque woman appears to be waiting for someone, her eyes drifting up to the clock tower at the center of Fizzytopia Square every so often to check the time. Beside her is a little Drifloon with eager eyes, a hopeful expression clear on her rubber face as she looks out at the crowd. The Drifloon squeaks a soft-spoken question to the woman, who smirks in response.

"I have no doubt that you will like her. If I cannot find it in my heart to dislike her, then most assuredly no person or creature in Fizzytopia could." The ghost gives the Drifloon an odd grin and whispers in Banette language. Believe me, I have high standards for trainers, particularly those who seek to own a fellow ghost Pokemon. Very high standards.

The Drifloon nods respectfully (and with a slight hint of intimidation) at the odd trainer, and the two turn their attention back to the square, scanning the area in search of someone. Soon, the Drifloon points with a yellow heart-shaped appendage at a woman making her way to the Cable Club with glasses and short, dark brown hair, wearing a long-sleeved, hooded jacket to keep herself warm from the chilly November air. The trainer beside the Drifloon nods once, and the Drifloon squeaks with excited delight, floating cautiously towards the woman with glasses and offering a little yellow "hand" to shake. The woman in combat boots chuckles a bit at the Drifloon's enthusiasm, though she remains in her position. She nods her head in greeting to the newcomer.

"Jessica, I presume? One of my little sister's friends, or so I'm told..." The woman chuckles. "My name is Coselle. I am taking care of Marion's affairs while she's in the hospital. I am sure she would want me to tell you how grateful she is to you that you adopted all of those Rotom, and that you are allowing her the opportunity to take care of one of them." The young woman who calls herself Coselle grins widely... in fact, the grin is almost inhumanly wide. "Whichever Rotom you think will favor the Cut Card will be perfect. It is Marion's favorite, and have a few chores that I think the Rotom will be able to help with. A bit of landscaping around the Secret Base, that sort of thing. Adding to the graveyard... er, adding trees to the graveyard. I think Marion will love having a Rotom who could help with all that."

Coselle shakes her head, anticipating the inevitable question regarding her sister's health. "She is still very sick. Some days are better than others, but her condition is volatile and the staff still is not accepting visitors since the episodes come on so quickly. At best, she is lying there, stiff as a board, silent as anything... On the bad days, no amount of sedatives seems to stop the thrashing... or the screaming. Sometimes incoherent nonsense, sometimes names, bits of poetry, it's all random, the things she will say, but the uncontrollable movement always comes with it. All anyone can do is clear the room and hope she stops without severely hurting herself. Nearly everything in the room is padded to protect her from the convulsions." Coselle grimaces. "Let's change the subject, shall we? Today is a happy day for us and for our Pokemon."

The little Drifloon sticks right by Jessica's side as the pair enter the Cable Club. While the balloon Pokemon does not seem to dislike Coselle, the little 'floon can sense Jessica's inner warmth and kindness despite her shy, quiet exterior, and seems drawn to it. Coselle does not seem at all jealous, however, and in fact seems strangely happy that the Drifloon is already so enthralled with her new trainer. Making her way to the Cable Club Trading Machine, she motions to Jessica to follow her. "Shall we begin, then?"

((Trading Lv.1 Female Drifloon and 80,100 coins to Yuki for her Lv.1 Genderless Rotom))

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