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Lil' Bluey

Jessica quietly entered the Cable Club holding the hand of a blue ghost, which she turned and smiled at cheerfully.

"How you feeling, buddy? Better?"

The Golett glared at the girl, clearly connoting he was not about to forgive her for such careless parenting. It had taken an emergency stomach pump + a week of bedrest to recover from all those Berries she force-fed him in incubation. By the time she had rushed him to the clinic he had already blown up to the size of a balloon, resembling a giant blueberry (much like that girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who wouldn't stop chewing gum).

"Eh heh heh, sorry about that..." She sweatdropped, averting her gaze from the golem's silent and unnerving stare to scan the crowd, eventually spotting the boy whom she had arranged to swap with for his Sewaddle. "Look, there's your new owner now. Let's go say hello!"

The Golett rolled his eyes, hoping this next trainer would at least be somewhat more competent at taking care of his tender baby body...


Trading Lv. 1 Golett to Takeo for Lv. 4 Sewaddle .

*Trade Commenced*

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