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Hoping to rid your Pokémon of her addled state before it became too much of a burden, you toss out a Lum Berry to the little monster. She doesn't immediately notice it but sniffs a bit as it appears in her periphery, and is drawn to the fruit. With one big chomp, she swallows it almost whole, finding herself clearheaded almost instantly. While Dianiv busily chomps away at the fruit, Woobat is preparing for more with a Calm Mind, also bringing itself to a state of clearheadedness. The meditation is quickly dashed, though, as Dianiv retaliates against earlier assaults with another Rock Tomb, once again launching a set of stones at Woobat to bang it around and limit its movement. It seems rather perturbed by the attack, but not put off entirely, as it uses its improved concentration to unleash a Giga Drain, pulling little orbs of life energy from Dianiv in a greenish-yellow stream. Dianiv looks a little put off by the drain, but Woobat looks appreciably better, although not brought back to full health.

Although Woobat is out of orders for the time being, Dianiv is not, and she takes full advantage of the opening left. With her oblong head as down as it can be, she scuffs the ground and charges directly forward, doing a little leap at the very last moment. Head first, she smashes into Woobat, somewhat awkwardly clipping the bat but still managing to score a hit the flying Pokémon will not soon forget. Woobat manages to hold strong, but it looks like it was not quite fond of the exchange that just took place...
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