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"Hm, Aron? That'll be a tough one, but we'll give it our all, right, Woobat?" William calls out to his Pokémon, shaking off his sleep.

The fluffy bat responds with a chirp, readying itself for a fight.

"Try a Supersonic, then smack it with an Assurance!" William orders, brimming with radiant confidence.

With a chop in the air from Ines and a call of "Begin!" the battle starts. Dianiv begins with a reliable technique - gathering energy into the form of some firm stones, she chucks a Rock Tomb at her foe. The stones fly right for the bat, but the little puffball is not totally unprepared, losing a Supersonic sound wave as the rocks come crashing down. Woobat looks fairly unhappy as it is banged up by it and has its movement restricted by the tomb, but the annoyance is only temporary as Dianiv begins to totter about, clearly confused. Woobat takes some time to get free of the rocks, but has plenty as it is as Dianiv attempts a second attack, only to bonk herself on the head with one of the rocks she attempted to summon before it crumbles to dust. This gives Woobat an opportunity to strike, as the bat swoops in and strikes Dianiv with an outstretched wing and plenty of malice, displaying some Assurance of its abilities, with the schadenfreude from the Aron's flubbed attack fueling the move and dealing additional damage.

"Not bad, not bad. Calm Mind and Giga Drain, next," William orders casually.
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