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Kael is surprised as William approaches him explaining that now isn't a great time, but he's not overly concerned by it all. He had been out for quite a while after all. Ines apologizes on the Gym Leader's behalf, and Kael shrugs it off. "It's fine, I really should go make sure my companions haven't burned down the Center anyway."

With that he heads off, stopping at the PC once he arrives at the Center to discover he has yet more mail waiting for him, as well as a trade request. Accepting the request, he sends a single Rare Candy and two of his Star Shards in his last piece of Inquiry Mail and receives a TM Dream Eater in return. Once again he finds that the remaining packages all come from the mysterious Jeri Co. and he gladly accepts the Star Shard, Luxury Ball, Protein, three Hyper Potions, Muscle Band, Rare Candy, and TM Retaliate contained within.

After collecting his goodies, he gives a Rare Candy to Faolan, as well as scanning the Poochyena with TM Retaliate and TM Snarl, and giving him the Muscle Band to hold. He then gives his remaining Rare Candy to Niamh for now.

Finishing with his preparations for the next day, he decides to head to sleep, which first requires figuring out exactly where Ashaya and Bethany ended up boarding up.
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