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"Oh, sure," Ines responds, "We can set you up on one of the video phones in the Gym. The Gym Leader will probably be a few moments as it is - I think he's actually just entering a Gym Battle, but I'm sure he'd be glad to speak to you once he's done."

Ines leads you inside again and shows you to one of the phones. You dial the number on the flyer, and an older woman answers, seeming a little surprised that anyone is calling her. You explain you found the flyer and that you've found a Stantler that was stolen.

"Oh!" she reacts, clearly a little shocked, "oh dear I thought we'd never see her again! Oh, Casey!" she calls, clearly beckoning someone, "this nice young man found your Stantler!"

You hear the excited cries of a little girl's voice in the distance before you place the Poké Ball on the transporter. It disappears in a brief flash, only to reappear on the other end moments later. The woman releases the Stantler immediately, and the little girl appears in the frame, hugging her Pokémon, who chitter softly at being reunited.

"We really cannot thank you enough, young man. Let me give you a meager gift as a token of our appreciation."

Through the transporter, she sends you 2 star shards and $800. You also find a Rare Candy wrapped in the bills.

"I know it's not much," she explains humbly, "but I hope it expresses our gratitude. Thank you again, young man."

Genuinely happy, she ends the call, and you return to the Gym lobby.

"All finished up? William isn't quite done with his battle yet, but I'm sure he'll be done soon. I imagine you might want a minute to freshen up, maybe prepare your Pokémon?"
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