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I really don't think this is as much China trying to threaten Japan as much as it is Hong Kong trying to maintain their cultural identity separate from that of the mainland. If anything, they're rebelling against the pressure from Beijing for them to shed their identity and become more Han and Mandarin culturally. A Japanese company just happens to be making a move that is moving with that current.

This is one of those situations where the fight in the grocery store isn't really about what kind of apples to buy. It isn't really about Pikachu's name, it's about the cultural implications surrounding the brand imposing the version used in China on Hong Kong. I'm sure they view this as yet another in a long line of attempts by Mainland culture to seep into Hong Kong and assimilate them into the People's Republic.

Hong Kong is very much not China, as much or likely even more than Taiwan isn't, even if they are legally part of the PRC.

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