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Leaving his gym in the hands of the trainers felt... difficult. But Isaac had to admit that a call to order that included an even more fearsome Gigantamax beast was pressing, and he would do anything in his power to stop the looming threat. The gigantic turtle slowly shook, rising out of the water with force as the red energy twisted around it's body. Isaac steeled himself, looking at the other trainers around him. Each had the same expression as him, fearful, yet determined to stand up to the monster in front of them. They needed to stop the creature in it's tracks, before it ruined the land around the gym.

A roar rang out, shaking the very earth they stood on. Isaac swallowed hard, gripping the pink Love Ball in his shaking palms and chucking it forwards. Eileen burst forth in a flurry of petals, body shaking happily before noticing the creature in front of her.

"B-Bellossom..." She gulped, shaking slightly. Isaac knew how she felt, but he knew that they needed to attack with all their might nonetheless. The Bellossom turned to face him, face grim with worry. Isaac gave a knowing nod, speaking to his Pokemon.

"I know it's scary, but I need you to hit that thing as hard as you can." He said, forcing his voice to sound more confident than he actually felt. Eileen nodded slowly, graceful steps lead her forwards, facing the Drednaw once again. "Now, hit it with an Energy Ball!" Isaac yelled, pointing to the beast.

[Using Energy Ball (90 BP)]

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