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Brianna stared at the colossal craggy Chelydridae that stood in front of her and her Oddish. She looked around, seeing multiple different Pokemon, a Tangrowth, Dusknoir, Gallade (Brianna recognized these specific ones as she was from Sinnoh), then there was this reptilian Grass Pokemon that had some sort of energy seeping from it, similar to the energy coming from the Gigantamaxed Pokemon.

Oddish looked at her with a scared look, he didn't feel like he could even scrape the side of this Pokemon. Although Oddish and his battle partners had the clear advantage (given the grass types), it was still a super-sized Pokemon, which had a high resilience and a lot of hit points.

"Alright, Oddish, quick, Razor Leaf!" Brianna commanded, as the Oddish Pokemon spun its head leaves like helicopter blades, them glowing a bright, radiant green, getting faster and faster till razor-sharp leaves flew from them, slicing through the air, heading straight for the Drednaw.

Although this move had a low power of 55, it had a very high critical-ratio, which was sure to come in handy.

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