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Things has quite calmed down, quite fast! I thought there was a lot more trainers' birthdays to confirm after that one big rush... well there still was, but not as many as I thought. It's ok though, they will all be entered eventually! I heard there's new members coming in too! I hope they discover this place and register their birthdays, so we can all celebrate together, along with their Pokémon!

But that doesn't mean I have time to relax: Today is Ledyba day, and quite a few people has brought their beloved ladybugs and gentlebugs! They're all so cute but shy... I hope they'll be warm up when partying together! But my my, not only we have one fellow with two Ledyba, but we also have a particular with a Shadow Ledian visiting us! What a rare visit! He looked quite menacing though... If it wasn't for his veteran-looking trainer, I would be scared of what damage he could do to the venue! Hopefully the presents and the field themed room reserved for Ledyba day will calm his nerves just enough to not make a ruckus... Especially with the presence of the others of his species, who are quite young!

Oh? Seems like one of the Ledyba trainers stayed long enough to celebrate another birthday in his team: A Phantump! A sad tale they have, those poor creatures... I hope we can do our best to make his life - or should I say, afterlife - a lot better, full of love and care! I just wonder how he feels about our forest-y room we prepared for him, as it might make him feel right at home... or just sorrowful.

Confirming the following Trainer Birthdays:
  • April 24th: Tyoyo3131
  • May 5th: Altocharizard55
  • June 23rd: kawaiiconcept

Confirming the following Pokémon birthdays:
  • Missingno. Master: Stewie's birthday presents confirmed!
  • Myahoo: Ledyba's birthday presents confirmed!
  • kawaiiconcept: Ledyba's birthday presents confirmed!
  • Connor: Izzy's birthday presents confirmed!
  • Connor: Dizzy's birthday presents confirmed!

kawaiiconcept: Make sure you mention your Pokémon's species. I had to do some guesswork with the links to know if it was a Ledyba or some other Pokémon in the previous 3 days ^^; To be fair with you, it isn't in the rules per say, so it's just a little bit of adaptation on our part! It'll be added to the rules soon.

kawaiiconcept AND Connor: Ok, in all honestly I'm a bit in a situation ^^; You see, normally I would've told you guys to "Please add the links of your stats and the Pokédex page for the EM/MT moves!", as it's in the current rules, but I am aware that said rules are a bit out of date, that links to Pokémon stats in general are likely going to be out the window, and I have no idea what's the opinion about Pokédex links. So hold on tight until I get an update on this, and I'll let you know (through PM) as soon as I get info and I'll edit this post (and the rules post!) accordingly. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: Nevermind all that! Had a chat with Marion and links are indeed out the window. Therefore, your Ledyba birthdays are officially confirmed, and the rules will be edited to reflect those changes!

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