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This adventure was originally going to be undertaken by blazeVA, but as he has been inactive for roughly two weeks, it's going to MM. Objections may be directed towards someone who cares.

Forest of Hope (I play too much Pikmin)
Missingno. Master

You were eager to share an adventure with your rather snide new Shuppet, so you darted out into the forest, hoping to bond, perhaps even take in a battle - though with a mono-attacking Shuppet would not likely involve victory. Nevertheless, you pressed on, spending a short afternoon with your ghostie, drinking tea, eating crumpets, and having a wonderful afternoon.

... Yeah right. What kind of adventure would that be?

You WERE intending to do all that... Had the following not happened. Myrtle, perhaps because of her otherworldly nature, senses a chill in the air. Figuring it to be another of her kind, she initially thinks nothing of it, but a sense of unease hangs around her. Out of loyalty, she speaks: "Meat Sack..."

It's at this moment that you're accosted from behind! Something strikes you in the back of the head, and you fall unconscious immediately. The last thing you hear before passing out is a deep male voice yelling "Get the ghost!" The whole thing is such a blur, you can't really pick anything else about what happened out... Sorry buddy, sucks to be you.


When you awake, you are on a hard stone floor, and there are bars in front of you. You're in some kind of prison cell. Taking in your surroundings, you can see an unmanned desk, and several other empty cells across from you. You cell contains nothing but a bucket of water and a bench. In addition, your Pokémon and bag have been taken from you. It seems you're completely alone, but something feels very unnatural here - what will you do?
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