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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: There's no mistaking what this means: the statue is offering you the blue orb. Before, it held the orb tightly between its two hands; now, the orb is no longer secured between them but is instead supported by both from underneath. Before, the arms were kept close to the body of the statue; now, they stretch out to meet you as if offering a gift. And before, the statue stood straight and tall; now, it seems to honor you with its gentle bow.

"Maybe this will guide us," you say optimistically. You place one hand on either side of the orb and with a firm but gentle motion you lift the orb off of the statue's hands. It is dense and heavy like a bowling ball. Peering into it, you feel like you are gazing upon something which is halfway in between a huge drop of liquid ocean and a sphere of solid crystal. It is smooth, glassine, and pleasant to the touch. Its rich blues are almost hypnotic, they are so beautiful.

The spell is broken by a loud sound. You look up from the ball to see, before you, an opening in the wall forming. Two bronze doors swing out from underneath the waterfalls and out into the room, revealing a pathway beyond. You hadn't been able to tell for certain whether any of the grooves you had felt when you inspected the walls had been secret passageways or just the natural clefts between stones, but sure enough your hunch was right -- the waterfalls had concealed an exit after all. And removing the orb from the statue appears to have been the key to get those doors to open. Water crashes down all around them split into separate falls, one on either side of each door, but pours into the great well-reservoir below just as before, relatively unhindered. Beyond the doors you see a long passageway. The first 10 meters or so are in the shade of a great stone ceiling but beyond that the path is as well-lit as any of the others in the labyrinth have been so far.

The weight of the ball in your hands demands your attention. It's quite heavy, far too heavy to be lugged around this labyrinth by hand.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
x1 blue orb
Alice moved her hands up and down initially, getting a sense of the ball's weight as she observed it. She was mesmerised by the blue, as if she had a solid, but watery planet in her grasp. Only, this fascination was broken as her earlier instincts were confirmed: two bronze doors swung open beneath the waterfalls, inviting her to progress to another stretch of the labyrinth.

Only, this thing was heavy, Alice realised as she continued on with her Pokemon in tow. Bagon knew Strength, but he was exhausted. "Bagon, you should rest for a while." The girl noted, hugging the ball very carefully and briefly to her person with one hand to bring the baby back into his red and white sphere. Torchic did, too, but he wouldn't be able to get a grasp on it. Aside from Bagon, her Pokemon lacked actual hands. This was not helpful right now.

"I can't carry this the whole way, but chances are, I'm going to need it for something later. If I leave it, fate'll definitely bite me in the ass." She thought alloud, looking around for something to carry it in. There was her bag, but that was a last resort. It'd weigh her down a lot and probably hurt as she ran. Then, an unconventional idea hit, and again, Alice reached for a Poke Ball (7/10). This time it was empty.

"I've seen people catch items by accident and stuff, so maybe this'll work...?" Well, it was worth a shot!

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