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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Welcome aboard, Yuki! As you already know, we'll be replying in FFFF99 yellow for this adventure. Please be sure to provide a link to your registration post. Thanks!

The Tale of the Wishmakers:
As the Darumakka come barreling towards you and Kief, you order him to use Sand-Attack to slow your pursuers down. Kief turns around, digs his heels into the dirt, and starts scraping backwards at a blistering pace. Soon there is a pale cloud of dirt in the air and the Darumakka are clawing at their eyes, trying to get the fine particulates out. Then when they can't see you order Kief to use Icy Wind, hoping that it might slow them down. You're none too sure about the efficacy of the attack seeing as the Darumakka hardly seem to notice it at all but you're at least relieved to see that they're still clawing away at their eyes in desperate attempts to get that sand out. In fact, if there's one thing the Icy Wind did do, it's stir up the cloud of dirt even worse than before. It's now like a miniature sandstorm inside the alley and the two Darumakka are caught in the thick of it. From the other side of the dust cloud you hear one of the guards shout, "AFTER THEM, YOU FOOLS!" One of two Darumakka ignores his orders, the sand being simply too much to be ignored, and he continues to try and rub it out of his teary eyes; but the other bares his eyes wide-open, red and itchy, and makes to pursue you and Kief. That's when you order Kief to make a substitute. The mischievous raccoon-dog grins, a twinkle in his eye, and with a poof of smoke there are suddenly two Kiefs! One of the Kiefs runs over to you while the remaining Kief stays put, ready to meet the Darumakka charging towards him. The two tussle about, stirring up even more smoky sand. The narrow passageway doesn't allow the guards to give chase, their own Darumakka blocking the way. "YOU IDIOTS!" the guard in front bellows. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" he shouts to the first Darumakka, still bouncing left and right in the alley as he tries to get the last bits of sand out of his eyes. "THAT IS NOT THEM!" he shouts to the other, "THAT IS JUST A SUBSTITUTE!" But the Darumakka wrestling with the fake Kief doesn't seem to take heed of his master's advice: he can't possibly know that this Kief is a fake. Not until he's worn it down anyway! Smiling to yourself, you shout back some thanks for the bread and make your escape out the back of the alley, Kief scampering along close behind. Unable to pursue you, the guards curse and trundle out the other end of the alley.

You've lost them for now, you realize, but they could be back any second. You and Kief have to get out of here fast. You make your way out the other end of the alley and find yourself back on what appears to be a main street. Judging from the looks of things, you're still in the merchant district: you see shopkeepers selling their wares of every kind behind a number of colorful stalls. One vendor, a bearded man with dark tanned skin and an immaculately white turban, is selling exotic fruits and berries. Another man, clean-shaven and less tan, is selling fresh fish. There is a snakecharmer on the street playing a flute while an Ekans rises out of a wicker basket. Some of the children laugh and point at this show; others run wildly through the street playing tag. You see one of the girls run towards a shop, one of the many buildings which form the "walls" of this street, but the others shout out to her that she's breaking the rules. As she frantically tries to dodge the boy who's "it," they both barely avoid crashing into a woman who is coming out the shop door, unable to see the children beneath the bundles of fabric she is holding to tightly in her hands. They avoid her just in the nick of time: unfortunately for the little girl, the boy takes this opportunity to tag her. "YOU'RE IT!" he shouts with glee as he runs away from her. Frowning, she chases after him and the others, clearly upset at having become "It."

As you begin to walk down the street with Kief, the little rascal licking some scrumptious crumbs of bread off the corners of his mouth, you notice that some of the women and children are looking in your general direction. The women hide furtive glances and chatter behind their veiled faces guarded by their long sleeves. The children are less preoccupied with subtlety: many of them point and laugh at you. Uh-oh, you realize as you look down at yourself ...

What will you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
OoC – Link to registration in sig.

A cunning grin crossed Kief’s crumb-covered face, as he conspired to turn and kick up a cloud of dust in the Darumaka’s faces. The round red… Things coughed and clawed, trying desperately to rid the grains clogging their eyes. Kief wasn’t done yet, as a storm of snow soon followed. Jess couldn’t be sure it slowed their pursuers down any, since they were currently too occupied with cleaning the grime from their vision to move a step forward. However, it did serve to stir up the sand more, building into a powdered blizzard that nearly blew the balls off their feet. Watching them bounce about blindly, Jessica could barely contain a smirk as she edged towards the escape.

However, from across the cloud came a booming "AFTER THEM, YOU FOOLS!" While one of the creatures ignored the orders in favor of expunging further filth, the other grit its teeth and forced its gaze open, ignoring the grit that then flew into its face as it charged. The swollen red sockets now resembled their surroundings.

Kief was prepared for this though, and with a wink and a wiggle of his nose a double suddenly appeared before him, wagging its tail in time to the original. Just as planned, the Darumaka mistook the duplicate for Kief and hurtled straight into it, rolling around with the doll in the dirt. Their tumble excited the earth even more, choking the inflamed passageway tighter. Jessica could hear the guards shouting at their dumb duo to either move out of the way or see past the deception, but the poor creatures paid no heed. The girl and her devious raccoon shared a sly smile as they bowed out, leaving the doppelganger to deal with the rest. At this point, Jessica figured a cocky cartoon crook would provide a parting insult. So emboldened she was by their success that she tried some cheesy cheeky sarcasm of her own:

“Thanks a lot for the bread!”

She called back, before bolting as fast as her legs would carry her, literally leaving her enemies behind in the dust. Kief scurried after her, licking the last of said bread from his face. Maybe it was a result of the adrenaline, but Jessica could swear she sensed laughter bubbling up within her. She felt strong, unstoppable. If this were really a dream, then it would mean her actions would have no consequences. What was to prevent her from robbing the entire city blind? Nothing, she knew she could get away with it. Her eyes lit upon the closest vendor, and the delicious fruits sitting in his cart, ripe for picking. Temptation. Before she understood what was happening, her hand reached out, as if hypnotized. She was sick of trying to be good, to please others anyway. She wasn’t pure, and she knew it. The empty space around her heart ached…


A little girl ran before her, blocking her view of the tantalizing target. For a moment, she almost looked familiar. A boy followed after, severing the spell. It broke, or perhaps she did. She couldn’t tell. She watched them go, nearly bumping into a woman carrying bolts of fabric. They didn’t care, merely continued with the game. The boy gleefully stretched out his hand, touched the girl, and declared she was now “It”. “It” pouted as the others fled, and pursued.

Their actions seemed strange to Jessica, far away. Why were they chasing something when they’d already found it? Why run from “It”?

She touched the place above her breast. There was nothing there, she had lost it long ago. But it should still be somewhere, deep inside.

She blinked, and the world returned to her – a crash of color and sound. She realized she was still standing in the merchant district. Glancing around for Kief, she spotted him batting his paw at one of the fresh fish dangling from the side of another seller’s stand, willing it to drop into his waiting maw. Racing over, she scooped him up and plopped him on her shoulder before the owner noticed what he was up to. She smiled as she softly scolded the little rascal. Even if this wasn’t reality, even if nothing made sense… She couldn’t give up. Not yet.

Though as she walked with head held high, she felt several stares upon her, thinly veiled. She could hear women whispering and casting glances as she passed by their clusters, and she froze in place. Their disapproving undertones did even more to damage her ego than the giggles and open gestures of children. Kids were kids, but what were these witches- er, ladies saying about her behind her back? Her heart sank bitterly as she recalled unpleasant memories, though she tried to remind herself it was probably because she was a stranger in their midst. Comparing her baggy jacket and jeans to the smooth silks the women wore, she realized just how much she must stand out. In a way, it comforted her that the problem might simply be reduced to her outer wear. But how to go about getting a change of clothes? She had no money on her…

She sensed a song to her side, and turned to see a man charming a snake from its pot by the magical sound of a flute. People were gathered round, captivated by the performance. An idea occurred to her, which she whispered to Kief before setting him down on the street. She cleared her throat, and called out in a voice she hoped would carry over the other peddlers hawking their wares, though it was still quiet by normal standards.

“Greetings! We are traveling entertainers! We, uh, have come from a far away land in search of food and a place to rest. We have heard of your city’s hospitality, and hope you would be so kind as to help us. Please, er, enjoy the show, and any offerings you can hand to my… Um… Friend here.”

As a punctuation to the sorry speech, Kief barked loudly to announce his presence, drawing all attention to himself. Jess was thankful for his input, since her quavering voice clearly indicated she was not used to speaking in front of crowds, let alone perform. He would handle most of the work though, while his trainer kept a weather eye out for the guards, ready to grab the money and run if they came.

“All right, Kief. Let’s try this. Start with CHARM to win the audience. Then, use DOUBLE TEAM to make it look like there are more of you.” Kief’s earlier clone had given her inspiration. “Try and TRICK the audience into thinking you’re juggling your Devil Horns between the doubles. Even better, see if you can borrow some fruit from the vendor back there. Show him you really COVET just a few, and you promise to return them afterwards. If that doesn’t work I’ll try asking, and throw them to you. When you’re done, toss them up and then use your TAIL to WHIP the fruits back into the cart. (If he’s nice enough to let us keep some, you could also try shooting PIN MISSILEs through their centers while they’re in the air.) Next, ROLLOUT the rest of the clones while circling around, and use U-TURN to perform a flip back to the center. Finally, let’s really impress them by showing off your special move: CAN’T CATCH ME. I’m sure that’ll get ‘em going. (Plus if the police show up we can always use your ability to Run Away.)”

Jessica took a deep breath and crossed her fingers, wishing this plan would work and that they weren’t about to make fools of themselves. If they managed to make some cash, she’d then work up the courage to ask the women where they bought their clothes, or if there was a local tailor nearby. Requesting to borrow or barter for some of their outfits right off the bat would probably look way too suspicious.

Can't Catch Me (Normal)
Using this move your Pokemon transforms into a miniture Gingerbread version of themselves, it makes all moves less likely to hit and for 3 Rounds until they revert back your Pokemon has the ability Run Away, but the one downside to this is all Teeth using moves cause x4 damage no matter what. The Move uses the same amount of energy that a Protect would use.
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