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(“Oh my god Maudlin, did you evolve?” *Dead Raticate on desk says nothing.*)

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The Park

Missingo Master:
With the Topsy-Turvy effects removed, you opt to climb up the Ekans slide once more, anticipating perhaps a different outcome. The climb up went easily enough. That was, until, you felt the pull of gravity shift ever so slightly as you headed towards the other side – the other room – and soon you found yourself in the similar predicament of sliding up the spiral, only to be regurgitated by the Ekans’ head onto the hard floor of the paradoxical stairwell room you were in before. Fang is beside you, and for whatever reason – perhaps you made a noise – a voice calls out to you that you recognise.

Up above, clung to a ceiling like a frightened cat, Meowth gazed at you with a quizzical stare as both of you ponder for a slight moment to decide which one of you was the one who was walking right-side up, and who was touring the ceiling.

(Walkie-talkies will not be needed for communication as long as both participants are in the room – though perhaps you might still find it better suited. I don’t know. You decide.)

Your conference was abruptly cut off by a cackling laugh. The child’s voice conjured itself with taunting jabs. “You’re very good. You found all my friends, but you won’t catch me! You have to catch me before midnight. That’s what all the stories say. And Inkay told me there’s less than an hour left. She says you’re not going to find me in time so I should help you.”

“I don’t want to help you, but Inkay said I was being scared I would be found. But you’re just a Tauros-head. You can’t find me even if I help you…”

“INKAY!” the girl’s voice shouted. “Go!”

The room trembled in its place and sent quaking ripples down all six surfaces of the room. The walls shifted and collapsed upon themselves to make way for a black void in which singular white panes emerged. Contours ran down the edges and pictures of Pokémon emerged on them. The stairs twisted and curled anew, giving way to the centre of the room. In the centre, a strange polyhedral container emerged, floating untethered to any other surface with smooth edges and white panes of its own rising out of its shell.

“I’m hiding in the Dar-, I mean, Inkay room. Good luck finding it,” she taunted.

You looked around and saw the white panes had fully-formed by now to lone standing doors. Each side of the room, as well as the polyhedron in the middle, having its own set, making for a total of seven traversable surfaces. The doors directly accessible to you were: two up a flight of stairs, one of which twisted mid-air upside down, and two others in the sides of the wall for a total of four. The Ekans’s head had remained, though there was no sign of a body that continued anymore. Pictures had fully coalesced with an illusory pattern on each door, resembling Pokémon; a Carnivine, Feraligatr, Nosepass and Marowak. Meowth too, had doors of his own to pick from, one down a flight of stairs (or up in Meowth’s case) and ending abruptly mid-air where it connected with one. Two more, one of which was located in the floor like a trapdoor, and one which was as average as they came to his side. The pictures on his doors depicted a Timburr, Lapras and Eevee. If he tried, the door behind him leading to the kitchen area was locked. For both of you, the stiarwells twisted enough around one another that you might be able to shortcut from one onto another, but the shifting logic of gravity might make that a harder task than it would initially appear.

This is your last puzzle it would seem. The ghost child seemingly helped you and gave you a clue to proceed, but how was it connected to your sudden change in surroundings?

What do you do?
Fang followed Keith up the slide. The Poison-type Trainer was feeling quite optimistic here- now that the slide was no longer affected by Topsy-Turvy, it was quite possible that it led to somewhere different. Or, perhaps, that the place it led to was different. Either way, Keith felt it was worth investigating.

The climb went quite smoothly. Well, I say the climb went smoothly- not all of the trek up the slide could be classified as a climb. At some point, Keith felt a sudden shift in the direction in which gravity pulled at him. "Oh, boy," he sighed just before he started to slide in an upward direction. Fang hovered after Keith, and soon, Keith found himself being spat back out of the Ekans's mouth. "Owww," groaned Keith.


Keith perked up at once, recognizing the voice that called out to him from above. Turning his head faster than a caffeinated Rowlet, Keith looked upward, and indeed, Meowth was clinging to the ceiling. "Meowth!" Keith smiled. "Holy crap, are you a sight for sore eyes!"

"I could say da same ting," grinned Meowth. "Wat are youse doin' on da ceilin'?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Keith responded. "Have you seen Myrtle anywhere?"

"Nope," Meowth shook his head. "But we'll find her- we found each other, afta all."

"Yeah, that's true," nodded Keith. "I-"

But at that moment, a cackling laugh cut off the conversation. Both Keith and Meowth jumped a bit at this, and the child's voice, while complimenting them on finding all of her friends, maintained that she would not be found by them. The only reason she was even offering them help was at the request of her Inkay, which somewhat surprised Keith. Considering the Inkay were the reasons for all the screwiness around here... but then, he realized, that wasn't right- the Inkay were only acting on the orders of their ghostly Trainers. And at the ghost's command, her Inkay, unseen to them, set to work, rearranging the room as the ghost saw fit, and soon there were a number of doors accessible to them, some only to Meowth, some only to Keith. There were a number of staircases as well, two of which seemed to meet in the middle, which would in theory allow Keith and Meowth to reunite. Of course, considering how screwy gravity was being here, whether this would actually work was debatable. Keith paid attention to the last thing the voice said- that she would be in the Inkay room. But that, Keith could tell, was not what she was originally gonna say. She changed what she was saying, but not before part of it could be heard. The "Dar". Whatever that was... And in any case, of the Pokémon images adorning the doors, none of them appeared to be Inkay. Or anything starting with "Dar", for that matter.

"...Wat da hell?" Meowth asked weakly. "Wat da actual hell?"

"Lemme think," Keith murmured.

"Yeah, but wat da hell!" Meowth exclaimed. "Were's da stinkin' Inkay room? Dese ain't pictures of Inkay!"

"Yeah, well, don't forget, Meowth," Keith said, brandishing his walkie talkie for emphasis. "In this topsy-turvy environment, you gotta think backwards. I had to have Dudley Teleport us as far away from our destination as possible to get close to it. My Pokédex and Xtransceiver are useless, whereas these plastic toys have been vital to us. And Inkay, Dark and Psychic-types seem to be massively weak to Psychic attacks here. So we gotta think backwards. Opposites."

"Oh, yeah. Real great insight," sighed Meowth. "All we gotta do is tink o' da opposite of Inkay, is DAT ALL WE GOTTA DO!?!?!" he suddenly screamed in frustration. "Wat in da Distortion World is da opposite of an Inkay?!"

"Meowth, get ahold of yourself," Keith said firmly. "We got less than an hour, we can't afford to panic now. OK... Well, Inkay look like they ought to be Water-types that live in the sea..."

"And instead dey're Dark and Psychic-types wat dat live on land," finished Meowth. "So da opposite o' Inkay... is a Water-type?"

"I dunno..." Keith murmured. "It makes as much sense as anything could be said to make in this place, but... I get the feeling it's not that simple."

"O' course it ain't," groaned Meowth.

"...Neither Feraligatr nor Lapras have 'Dar' in their names," Keith murmured. "There's gotta be something we're missing here."

"If ya works it out, lemme know," said Meowth. "Cuz I gots nothin' on dis one."

"This one... one... One. One! Numbers!" Keith snapped his fingers. "That could be it! Pokédex numbers! Lemme see if I remember these... What's Lapras's number... oh, it's 131, I think, so reversing that doesn't make a difference..."

"So wait, yer tinkin' dat if ya flips da Pokédex numbas, yer gonna get wat da room really is?" Meowth asked incredulously.

"It sounds screwy," Keith nodded. "But then, so does everything else we've had to figure out in order to make it in this crazy place. Alright... Marowak's number is... 105, so 501... that'd be Oshawott..."

"Vine! Carnivine!" Fang said, gesturing to the door bearing a likeness of himself.

"Alright, Fang, I'll try that one next," said Keith, thinking hard. "Carnivine's Pokédex number, that's... 455, I think it is? So, 554, that would be..." His eyes widened at that point.

"Wat is it?" Meowth asked.

Keith grinned broadly. "Darumaka," he replied. "Flip Carnivine's Pokédex number and you get Darumaka's! The Dar! The Darumaka room! The Carnivine room is the Darumaka Room which has got to be where the last ghost is hiding!"

"...How did youse do dat?" Meowth asked, sounding exasperated and admiring in equal measures. "But more to da point... how do youse propose I gets down dere?" he added. "Or... up dere? I don't even know wat ta call it."

"Well, we could try something with the stairs, but that could have the potential to go badly," said Keith. "But... Meowth," he added. "Would you say that this qualifies as... an emergency?"

Meowth's eyes widened, catching on immediately to what Keith was getting at. "Very much so," he nodded vigorously.

Keith grinned. He often thought of Meowth as the Pikachu to his Ash, and indeed, the parallels between the two were quite noticeable. But one distinction that Keith prided himself on was that Meowth's dislike for his Poké Ball did not override common sense. Whereas the infamous Ash Ketchum refused to withdraw his equally notable Pikachu no matter what the situation, Keith and Meowth were agreed that in times of true need, then and only then could the object in question come into play, and even then, only for as long as needed. "I'll send you right back out," he said, reaching for his belt. True to his word, once this succeeded, he would send Meowth right back out. And of course, Meowth was prepared to try the stairs to reach Keith if the ball didn't work for some strange reason.

Meowth nodded. "I know ya will," he grinned.

Keith grinned back. "Guess we're trying the Carnivine door, then," he stated, plucking a rarely-used object off of his belt- Meowth's Poké Ball. "But first and foremost," he added, enlarging the sphere and aiming it upwards, taking careful aim at his companion. "Meowth, return!"

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