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(Oh Maudlin. Are you having a midlife crisis now? *Dead Rattata on Harley says nothing* I don’t understand how you even got it inside. The door isn’t big enough.)

~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

Monster Guy:
You follow the three as they carry the unconscious man with them, retreating your Pokémon in the meantime for some rest and safety. You walk alongside Angela, interested to find out more about where you were and so strike up a conversation, noting the similarity in the woman’s name and that of your Togetic.

Angela chuckles at hearing this. “Oh my, what a coincidence. Perhaps this means we were fated to meet. I would love to meet your Togetic. I hear they’re very friendly and peaceful Pokémon.” Her tune changes though at your question as to where you were. She remains silent for a moment, contemplating how best to answer you while continuing her stride through the dark corridor, lit only by the lanterns they carried. “I suppose,” she responds, “it would best be described as a small part of the world that’s secluded off from the rest of it, obscured so to speak so that we may live in peace, far removed from the world. It should be near impossible to visit such a place without the know-how, but it’s even harder to leave unless you know the way. Strangely though, we’ve had more visitors such as yourself.” She returns a sorrow silence. “Father…father Desadayus is better at explaining these things. He’s helped people before who have lost their way. He provided us with shelter when we were lost, and he welcomed us to join the Draconids.”

The Draconids? That name sounded familiar, but how much did you remember about them? (How much does Leo know about the Draconids?)

It wasn’t long before the group came up to a door in the side of the wall. It was old and made of rotten wood, and creaked when the two men tried to pry it open. They usher you to follow them inside, leaving the dead rollercoaster tracks behind you. Through the door you find a narrow tunnel of arching cobblestone lined with lit torches. No more than two people would be able to walk side by side, and even that would feel cramped as you were now witnessing first-hand. The corridor split at irregular intervals into separate tunnels, each the same as the one you were in and almost indistinguishable. You had taken note of the tunnel for only a few seconds but already you could tell one would easily be lost in the maze-like structure of the corridors unless they were familiar with them.

From around the corner of one of these a pink blob of a Pokémon hurried towards you. “Chans, chansey!” The Pokémon gave a big welcoming hug to Angela. Angela hugged her back. “Thank you Chansey, I’m safe now thanks to this young man.” She indicates towards you. “Leo, this is my partner Chansey. Chansey, this is Leo.” The Chansey gave you a big smile in greeting, probably thanking you for saving Angela.

“Angela,” Marcus spoke, “we’ll take this man to his room where he’ll be safe. Why don’t you take Leo to see Father Desadayus?”

Angela nods in agreement. “Of course. Leo, follow me,” she asks.

Marcus and Francis give you a small nod farewell, “Until next time,” and carried the unconscious man through the corridor.

Angela leads you around one of the nearest corners, the Chansey closely plodding behind you, an inescapable smile still plastered on her face. She took you around a few more corners, torches providing the flicker of light needed to make out the path you were taking, until you reached another wooden door, guarded on either side by a robed figure. “Wait here,” she tells you as the guards allow her entry through the door.

You wait patiently for a while, obtaining nervous glances from the two guards. These two had a clearly different demeanour than Angela, Marcus and Francis. Neither spoke so much as a word to you but neither did they take their anxious gaze off of you for even a moment. At least the Chansey’s warmer gaze relaxed you a bit, removing the tension from the room.

A few minutes later the door opens once more and Angela beckons you to come inside. “Father Desadayus has agreed to see you.” For whatever reason you want to use, you step inside, the wooden door closed behind you as soon as the Chansey followed in as well. The room wasn’t large but felt spacious with its open floor. Shelves and cupboards were filled with books and piles of paper, most of which looked antique. A plethora of candles and lanterns were spread out and replaced the need for torches. Other pieces of furniture such as a bed, a table and a reading chair gave you the idea that this room was used to live in. The armchair was turned away from you but from it you heard the sound of pages being flipped. You inch your head a bit closer and notice only a few words that were seemingly scratched out by hand – ‘edict 1’ and ‘edict 2’ – before the book is closed by a white hand.

“So you’re Leo?” a gruff but charming voice asks. “I understand you’re lost and in need of finding your way. I can help you if you want, and answer any questions you may have. First though; introductions. Before I get up though I need to warn you to not be frightened.”

Frightened? What would you be frightened of?

You choke in your thought the minute you had it. The man stood up out of his armchair, a pale white veil enshrouding him from top to bottom. But it wasn’t a veil you could tell by the translucent light coming through. The man turns to you and passes through the armchair as if it were non-existant. “Greetings, I am Father Desadayus. Please tell me how I can help.”

Father Desadayus…was a ghost!

How do you respond?/What questions do you want to ask?

Missingo Master:
The orb of blue water doused the fire on impact, sending a hiss of smoke up the chimney. The room luckily remained lit however by the undisclosed lights that weren’t mentioned but had no impact on your story anyway. The chimney however remained another matter; looking up above you find nothing but bricks piling onto each other, strecthing into a dark crawlspace. The use of Flash helped though, providing you with a makeshift torchlight of sorts as you manoeuvred up, using your claws the best you could to scale the walls inside like the cat you were.

You flashed the light up above and noticed it wasn’t as tall as you had expected. Falling would still cause major injury but at the very least it did not appear you had to climb to the very top of the Fun House. A bit up above, having climbed quite a way up that darkness now stretched out below you, you find a small crawlspace no bigger than your own size. You reach the ledge and pull yourself up, before flashing your light down the corridor.

“You found me!” The little girl gasped when she saw you shine your light at her and clutching even tighter on her Inkay partner.

“No!” she protests. “Inkay, protect me,” she releases the Pokémon from her clutches who gives a confirming ‘ink-inkay’ as it preps a strange red energy at its beak. Before you realised what was happening the energy fired its way down the corridor and struck you hard, shoving you off of the ledge and down the chimney. You reactively grab onto the ledge, holding on for dear life when the voice of Keith pours through the toy walkie-talkie once more.

What does Meowth do?

You’re worried about the lack of response you got from Myrtle. You kept calling her name, over and over, louder and louder as nothing but static responded. You quickly calm yourself with reason. This must have been a positive sign, surely. After all, you recall what happened when you last knocked out an Inkay; the room must have reverted to its original design, one where the toys became nothing more than toys. Fang questions your reasoning though, and an uncomfortable sensation notched itself in your stomach that something else may have been the reason. You switch the channels and decide to talk to Meowth instead.


After emerging through the surface and being attacked by the Inkay, you pit your Carnivine in for another battle. Considering Fang’s last success in the topsy-turvy world, you were hoping for a repeat of the last battle. Fang leaps into action on your orders just when the inverted-Psybeam was fired off. Fang quickly sends a shower of Razor-sharp Leaves that was coloured the same shade of magenta that he was. Both attacks pass one another and strike their opponents successfully, both Pokémon having been too preoccupied with firing their own attacks to dodge the other. Fang spins back from the blow, nearly confused by the tumbling in mid-air, but recovers steadily to prepare a Sludge Bomb. The Inkay is quick to note and makes its own preparations, and just when the Sludge Bomb is fired, the Inkay erects a mysterious glowing panel of dark, navy blue energy in front of it. The droplets of slime collide with the mysterious panel where they disappear as if being absorbed by it. A Light Screen you could tell with your years of experience, despite the Topsy-Turvy colouring.

The Inkay goes back on the offensive and fires off another psychic attack; this time the glowing red energy you recognised from earlier as a Psywave. With the distance between the two, Fang manages to dodge the first few hoops of energy by dashing to the side but the Inkay turns quicker than the Carnivine can float and Fang is quickly struck by the last few psychic rings.

Fang recovers and fires off the last of your orders; Nature Power. You recall from last time the effectiveness of the topsy-turvied attack. Similarly to last time, Fang fired of a red Psychic energy towards his opponent, except this time it fell short as the attack collided with the Light Screen and both attacks cracked and shattered into nothing. The Inkay chuckles at you, noting that Fang was panting slightly from using three moves in quick succession – though not gaining nearly as much ground on his opponent as last time. This Inkay had a few more tricks up its sleeve.

What does Keith do?

No! Make them go away! Your thoughts (and possibly words) rambled on with the same idea. This was trickery you thought and you didn’t feel like being a part of it. You began to shake, wanting to cower away. Sensing this, Freighya is determined to save you and leaps into action. You see her body glow a bright light, the contours of her body elongating and her tail becoming thin and splitting into two. Her ears became more cat-like and soon the glow faded to reveal a pink-bodied Espeon. An Espeon who was firing of Psybeams left and right haphazardly in an effort to destroy “the illusion” as you thought it to be. Eleven joins your side and holds your hand in comfort.

The teens scramble and run in panic as the Psybeams close in on them. You want to shut your ears and eyes, and you do, putting your hands over your face and wishing for it to be gone. You could still hear the shouting and the screaming, and then it stopped.


You pull your hands away and notice an Eevee, Freighya, looking up at you worryingly. Eleven was still holding onto your hand, trying to soothe you and looking equally worried at you. The teens exchanged confused glances at one another, standing in exactly the same position as when you had first seen them.

“Uhm, Kawaii?” one of them asks. “Are you okay? You were crying and yelling.”

One of the boys walked out of the group to the front, making himself recognisable to you. You knew him. It was the dream guy you had swooned over before. For some reason he was here as well. “Kawaii?” he asks, “Why don’t you come over and join us?” He gives you one of the most charming smiles imaginable. Both Freighya and Eleven encourage you to move on, hoping you were alright, but it is then that you hear the same crying coo from earlier. It echoed throughout the building, down the walls and floorboards, through the very air, but not one of the others paid so much as an ounce of attention to it - it was like they didn’t even hear it.

Last chance to stay with your peers.
What do you do?

Fortune Teller’s Tent
Meetan: ~ (Rewriting your memory for PI reasons ;).)
You wandered through the gardens, the tranquil setting being ideal for a child to play in, but a noise coming from the shed attracted your attention instead. You nervously stepped towards it, inching closer to the opening and in want of calling out a name, which you didn’t. You poke your head inside to find the fridge door open, its contents spilled across the floor, one of which was an open tub of ice cream that shook lightly in its place. A small creature emerged from within and was startled by your presence.


The small, pink-coloured cat Pokémon took a few anxious steps back but you try to reassure it, though you yourself stumble a bit backwards out of fear of the Pokémon attacking. You stretch out a hand to the Espurr who nervously approaches you and sniffs carefully. Your mother wasn’t going to be happy about the Pokémon having broken into the fridge, nor would she be happy about you bringing a Pokémon into the house, but…

You offer to sneak the Espurr inside and get some ice for it. For some reason you didn’t really question the line of thought just yet. It is only a little later, once you start befriending the Pokémon a bit more that you’re wondering why you’re getting ice for an Espurr. They weren’t particularly inclined to the cold though, were they?

Your head pangs with sudden pain, like the onset of a migraine. Piece by piece your memory was reshaping to its former self once again, and in seconds you were your old self again; except you were trapped in a younger body, and Masaru…


What was the Espurr doing here instead? This wasn’t how you recalled the memory yet here the Espurr was enjoying your company and everything you gave it where the Ice-typed Swinub was supposed to be. What did the Espurr do to Masaru?

How do you react to it?

The Ghost Train
The choices were presented to you rather straightforward. Three independent controls that did who knows what, though you reason what their functions would be if this were a regular train. If it were though, you felt it best to use them in an order where you would start with, what you hope would be, the safest option.

You yank the chain switch dangling beside you and a screeching whistle blows above you, resonating through the darkness and echoing its call to the banshee. Clearly this was for the whistle, and it did little else. The second option was the button between the train’s two eye sockets. Pressing it made two red lights behind you glow their incandescent light, spilling out of the skull’s sockets and lighting up the path ahead. Nothing but darkness could be seen and the red light did little in giving you a sense of direction but did all it could in adding tension to the now lust-red illuminated room.

The last option, and possibly the most obvious one in putting the train to a halt. You wrap your fingers around the bronze lever and take a few seconds to mentally prepare for what might come. You pull it back, the lever stiff in moving but once you put in a bit more force the lever flips in the opposite direction and you’re suddenly thrown forwards by the momentum. Whistling screeches reverberate in the steel engine room as the brakes hit the wheels hard, successfully slowing down the ever-speeding train. You pull yourself up and gaze once more out of the skull’s sockets. Nothing could be seen and the train’s haphazard speed was still not over yet. The brakes continue their work, pressing down on metal disks when you finally see something in the distance. Something was coming up ahead.

You couldn’t tell what it was at first but with the train’s current speed it was coming at you fast. Your heart sinks when you see what it was; a wall. Dusk-grey panels held by ivory connectors formed an immense wall that rose up indefinitely and stretched as far into the horizon as you could tell, and worse, the train was heading straight towards it.

Perhaps you panic, or even try to pull the lever down harder but your final moments of desperation weren’t enough and the train engine plummeted straight into the wall. You shield yourself for the impact, and a heavy blow knocks you in your head.


The next thing you know your head was pounding from pain and you felt the room spinning in circles. You were disoriented, stunned, and as far as you could tell you were crawling on the floor. Your eyes were swollen with white as your senses still hadn’t recovered, but you make out a sound coming towards you. Footsteps and clanging metal were marching up and down the carriages. A voice shouted. “…eck other …’ll…engine…” It sounded angry, the note of a growling human, or perhaps a monster.

Your body still wouldn’t cooperate with you but your vision was slowly returning, allowing you to note vague contours and shapes. The door to the engine room opened and a shadow stood in its opening, another growling creature came up beside it, smaller but fierce. The light from the carriage behind flowed into the room and helped you regain some of your sight.

“You!” The shadow points at you, clearly angry. “Get off this train!” it hounds at you. You still weren’t fully awake though but the shadow seemed to care little. It grabbed you by the collar and in a surprising feat of strength pushed you against the wall. “Didn’t you hear me? Move and get out!” You were eye to eye with whatever it was and the final shock of being shoved against the wall brought your eyesight back to life, though you had every reason to believe it hadn’t. The face you saw before you was of bone, an angry-looking eye cradled within the skull’s socket. No, that wasn’t quite right. The other half of its face still had flesh, though it was putrid and rotting from decay. The hand holding onto your collar you realise was nothing more than pieces of flesh hanging off of bone. The other shadow had reshaped itself to the figure of a Houndoom, an orange glow pouring out of its gaping mouth as it threatened you to obey.

“Last warning!” the decaying corpse barks at you. “Get o-“ The thing stopped as his lower jaw unhinged itself from the skull portion of its face, suspended now only by a stretch of flesh that was attached to the side of its face that was still in decay. It gives a few annoying grumbles, tongue wavering below his teeth and lets go of you so it could reposition its jaw. You notice at this point that the thing was dressed in a uniform of sorts. Though it didn’t look new you noted by the coloration and design that it was one that would belong to an officer; a policeman or a conductor perhaps?

The creature finally locks its jaw back in place and points at you. “Get off or else! Houndoom,” he ordered his Pokémon. The Pokémon’s mouth glowed a new shade of red in preparation for an attack.”

You weren’t sure what was going on, but the choices were laid out for you. Do you get off the train peacefully, or do you put up a fight? Try to reason first, or ask questions later?

What do you do?

The Hotel

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