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(OoC:I had to recreate this update by copy and pasting so thats why it looks unnoficial. My phone could not handle something this big.)

Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane

Both of your Pokémon worry about your mental
state. The Eevee in particular knew you had a
tendency to obsess when you had a crush, and
the added potential crush in your skull would have
only made matters worse. Freighya instructs Eleven to watch over you, the Psychic type being
more attune to mental states. Nevertheless, the
pain is barely noticeable even when rubbing your
head, and you feel surprisingly chipper enough to
Upon reaching the door in the next room, you gently nudge it open, only to be met with a small
puff of pink smoke blown in your voice. A
distressed coo cries in the distance and the
smoke evaporates before your eyes. Before you
lay a scene that was surprising to say the least. In
an abandoned amusement park rumoured to have been haunted by ghosts and spectres one would
have expected a ghoul to show up and scare
them or at the very least have specks of dust
littering the interior. What you found was none of
that though, and instead you saw a large,
constructed and fully operational trick room, complete with furniture attached to walls, sliding
tiles in the floors, glass panes scattered to create
amaze and a bouncy castle-esque blob in the
centre, but the biggest shock was the laughter
that permeated the room. Young adults and
teens roughly your age were running, jumping and playfully pushing one another.
One of the girls notices you standing by the door
and waves at you. “Come on in and join us.
You’re Kawaii right?”
How did she know your name?
She beckons for you to come closer and soon afterwards others start waving at you too, but
before you take another step closer you hear the
familiar echo of a distressed cry resonate through
the room, though no direct source could be
What do you do?
What would normally be entrancing to other people imeadiatly freaked Kawaii out. "No, no it's some kind of trap." she gasped out backing up quickly. Why had she decided to come here, it was too much, she wanted scary things like in horror games and movies. Not stuff that messed with her head like that one T.V. show did. That one T.V. show, even the thought of it sent a chill down her spine. It was a show about picking apart how the brain works. It usually focused on optical illusions but sometimes dove into things like fear. As soon as she thought about that show the pink-eete began to shake violently. Frieghya snapped to attention and rubbed against her legs. The sounds of the teens echoing in the background. Frieghya looked back at the door and looked detirmined. The pink colored Eevee dashed forward into the room. Her eyes shut and her ears snapped back as she ran her body began to glow and elongate. Her fluffy coat turned smooth and her tail elongated and split. Soon the evolution was complete. Frieghya was now an Espeon. The newly evolved psychic type fired many small BEAMS of PSYchic power throught the area hoping to dispel the illusion.
Meanwhile, Eleven rushed to Kawaii's side and held her trainer's hand while Frieghya evolved.

"huh Frieghya is evolving?"
"Wow! Frieghya evolved into Espeon.
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