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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Maudlin, what did you do to the office. This doesn’t look anything like the place I remember? *Dead Ratatta says nothing*. What do you mean I should consider this place to be under new management?)

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The Park

The Ghost Train
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After carefully weighing your options you decide to recall your Swampert to its Pokéball. He had done enough for now and was in need of rest you reasoned. His exhaustion was not without reward though as his recuperation will allow him to rest to the next level.

The next step was to bring out a new partner. You detach a third Pokéball from your belt and call forth another ally. A flash of light materializes into a hard shape that takes the form of a brutish-looking construction worker. You explain your plan to your Pokémon, both giving you worried glances whenever you clutch your chest. You assure them though it’s nothing serious. You gesture towards the door. "Rip it off and bridge it, Tantalia."

Tantalia places one of her two pillars firmly into the carriage floor while clutching tightly onto her other one for support. With her free hand she grabs a hold of the door and easily rips it off of its hinges. The metal pins cracked as they split and Tate was left holding onto what was now nothing more than a giant wooden plank for you to use. She plants it down across the gaping gap, forming a bridge for you to cross over.

Now was Paine’s turn to help. As you gingerly take your first steps, Paine’s psychic prowess grab a light hold on you. If you would slip or fall, she would be sure to catch you before you dropped into the abyss completely. Once across, you tested the doorknob to the locomotive; unlocked, fortunately. The engine room was dark and empty, with no apparent danger in sight. You recall your Pokémon from the other side, retreating them to the safety of their Pokéballs while you focussed on your next task.

After closing the door you closely inspect the room. There were barred windows to either side of you, and in front you could see the two gaping holes that made up the eye sockets of the skull that adorned the locomotive. None of these windows helped though as outside there was no light source to speak of and you saw nothing but the pitch blackness of the abyss. As far as you could tell, there were three controls you could use; one was the button nestled between the two eye sockets, the second was the lever set in the floor and the third was the chain-switch hanging from the ceiling.

What do you do (first, second, third, etc.)?
Alex assured the pair he was fine, despite their concerns, as he finished explaining the plan to them. Without much trouble, the Conkeldurr gingerly lay one of her pillars to the floor, gripping her other tighter, then grabbed the door and in one not so swift motion, tore the door clean off the carriage, the screams of the hinges almost fitting considering what he had recently dealt with. Hefting the door around, she then carefully lay it over the gap, with enough of a solid hold on each side to form a sturdy enough bridge that held its own weight despite the occasional rattle of the train.

With a nod, Alex slowly approached and placed a foot onto the bridge, a faint cyan glow surrounding him as he took each step carefully, a slight tremble causing the aura to intensify and hold him steady. By the time he had crossed, he gulped slightly before reaching his trembling hand for the locomotive handle, grasped it, and pulled down. The click of the unlocked door was the most beautiful thing he had heard in the past twenty minutes or so.

"We're good, girls..." he whispered, taking a step into the engine room before turning around and recalling the Gothitelle and Conkeldurr into their orbs, thankful for their aid. Entering the darkened room, he closed the door behind him, the dull thump taking him from poor visibility to practically none. Despite the dark and the pain in the chest, he examined his surroundings. The holes to the front, likely the skull's eyes. The barred windows, no use whatsoever in this void he was in. There seemed to be a button of sorts between the eyes, he could hear the gentle jingle of a chain at roughly head height near him, and what appeared to be some sort of stick in the floor, perhaps a lever.

The man took a couple of seconds to consider each application. The button may be the source of those eyes, given his first encounter with the train had him rooted by the crimson glare. The chain, most likely the whistle, and the lever was probably the brake system. He hesitated, however, as another flashback of memory of the train's arrival. It had made a screech much like a banshee on arrival...the brakes may very well be linked to that thing outside...but I've little choice. Slowly stepping forward, Alex's plan was to pull the chain-switch first, then hit the button between the eyes from as far as he could, then to pull the lever to the floor in the direction that seemed to indicate braking: backwards. If he heard the banshee, he was pushing that lever forwards, though. The speed of the train was irrelevant, as he reached for the chain, wondering in his position where the hell the train was headed.
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