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Respectfully, Shuckle nailed my experience yesterday. While I do not doubt that the honeymoon can't last forever, for right now this team works surprisingly well with my playstyle. It is as Shuckle says: your suggestions leave me bare and naked for safe switch-ins / pivoting. The addition of Amoongus and Slowbro to the team has made it very, very easy to work around Rotom-Wash, Landorus-T, and various other threats.

I withhold final judgment until either I flourish in the 1800s or else I come crying to you guys, frustrated and stonewalled at any Elo below that. But until then, for right now, the team should not be changed. I am on a winning streak, and the majority of these wins have been 4-0 or better.

None of this is to say that I don't welcome advice for how to improve the team. I am only saying, I am not comfortable making any changes to the team right now because everything advised seems to contradict my very own experiences presently.
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