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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Just throwing it out there that saying nobody can admit their own Sigs are broken is a falsehood. It is why I got rid of all mine as a mass dump. I knew the majority of them were bloody obscene.

Still strongly in support of a full wipe but I can see the issues with it. Bluntly though, someone answer me this since I think it is a reasonable issue - if we are to say that we go through with a review of old Sigs, is this going to by default consume the majority of the allocated Sigs workers time? I'm all for easing their workload but putting a blatant stop to new Sigs or even slowing the system by comparison is a major kick in the bollocks to someone like me who is just looking to avoid the bullshit of everything, especially considering I'd be limiting myself to 15 submitted Sigs at any one time (which I feel is a good hard cap by the way). I have 150ish Pokemon and if I can bear to limit what I am submitting the rest of you probably can if we're honest.
That's entirely dependent on who we have Reviewing. If we have 3 of Jeri, who can only do any ASB stuff at all a couple days a week? New Sigs will be delayed noticeably. If we have 3 of you, with assloads of free time, there'll be virtually no difference. Odds are it will be somewhere in the middle.

If we want to put a focus on getting new sigs approved, we can just say the reviewer with the lightest load that week should do some new approvals to even things out. Fairly simple fix I'd think, especially if we put down a hard cap on how many sigs people can post at a time (which I'd be in favor of).

Originally Posted by Beautiful Savage View Post
I just think doing a "special sit down" is a bad idea because this is ASB and schedules generally end up not being followed and leaving everyone salty. If we just have an approval thread, whether it be a mandatory "post your sigs for review thread" or a "sigs were all wiped and you have to resub everything thread," they would be approved the same way sigs currently are. Realistically, it should take the same amount of time if we put multiple people on the job and is just so much simpler from a logistical standpoint.
See, I through and through abhor this if we're doing a true review. One of the best advantages the review process would have is the fact that it allows for a real dialogue to be had between submitter and approver, which has been absent from the Sig process since I started writing them in 2011. A change this drastic needs real collaboration on everyone's part for the smoothest possible transition- it's hardly going to make things better to burn all the sigs, put down new guidelines, and change nothing else.

As for the whole "B'awwwww schedules" argument, if we can get ridiculous numbers of people to order ONCE A DAY for a Grand Melee, we can get people to pick ONE WEEK within the next few months that they're available. This is the exact reason the schedule everyone's so afraid of is so damn flexible. Free basically anytime? Awesome, you make everyone's lives easier. Free any time but week X and Days Y and Z? That's cool, no skin off our backs. Free ONLY THIS ONE WEEK EVER? That's okay, we've got you covered. It doesn't matter when you're free because you like to flip the system the bird and be uncooperative? That's fine, but don't come crying to us when you end up with half your squad unsigged.

Complaining about the presence of a schedule is downright silly when the people who have to stick to it are having it hand-tailored to their preferences.

If we kick things into gear with this quickly enough, we could realistically allow people to pick an choose appointment weeks between May 29th and July 30th. That leaves anywhere between 54 and 108 openings, or between 6 and 12 each week, for you to pick from. Far fewer people have sigs to be reviewed than their would be openings even if we only had 2 approvers and they took 3 people a week. We'd likely be done sometime in July or maybe even late June.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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