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So, this will undoubtedly be a relatively long post, and it may echo things that have already been said, but I feel that the most effective option would be to wipe all sigs by an effective deadline indiscriminately. The reason for this is dual. An immediate wipe leaves literally no room for error; there is no chance that unapproved sigs could pass under the radar, or for inability to meet deadlines for individual review. Additionally, I feel it would actually be much more streamlined for sig approvers to sift through resubmits all at once rather than through a steady influx of sigs over a large period of time. It's best to get everything out of the way on the submitter's part. It's going to take around the same amount of time for the sigs to get approved anyways, but dragging out the nixing process over a long period of time will end up with people not having sigs for a longer period of time than otherwise. It is also a lot more complicated to coordinate.

To compensate/make things fair for all players, I suggest that immediately after this wipe, for an X month period, sigs will be disallowed entirely in ASB until a large portion of the initial backlog is cleared. This keeps the playing field fair for people further down the queue timewise, and gives the LO's a reasonable timeframe to work with and to resolve any debates about the codification itself.

I also propose that this time period be used to train a few more sig approvers; there's no better time to do this than when the new rules are being implemented. This is due to the fact that under my suggestion, approved sigs would not be immediately usable, allowing time for another approver/member/whatever to check what has been approved by a trainee. Practical, on the job training. This is, of course, an optimal case. I haven't been here in a while, so I have no idea if there's anyone Jeri would even be comfortable with training for sig approval. Additionally, it should be an easier job given a now less flexible set of approval guidelines (I'll make another post about those at a later date, when it becomes a more important discussion.) If this is a reasonable feat to accomplish, certainly the sigless time would go by much more smoothly.

Anyways, these are just my two cents on the matter. Which may not be worth a whole lot, considering my inactivity and rust.


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