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I didn't pick it. I answered "Try to think of a show, from 2015+, that you appreciated that you doubt others would either" without reading the "I'll give it a shot and IN EXCHANGE, I want you to watch Overlord".

I answered episode 1 of Classicaloid. I didn't even want to do the exchange. Honestly, I haven't even felt like watching anime lately. I have basically dropped all of last season's shows. I have several videogames that I want to play. Hell, I think I put down Classicaloid at around episode 8.

Despite that, to be true on the exchange pushed on me, I started:

I'm two episodes into this. Despite being the whole "normal guy pushed into an MMO world", it has a really nice direction. Usually the guy just starts off as some jackass with some skill using his MMO skills to help himself in the world. In this, the guy is a leader of a large group, and is very powerful. The anime tries to make this show seem alot more edgy than it really is. The OP is just....ugh. This is pretty interesting so far. I'm hoping this won't take a direction where main guy acts on his appearance.
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