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Too many projects all at once ... T_T

Pokémon Sun put down for Katawa Shoujo ...
 Katawa Shoujo put down for Koe no Katachi ...
  Koe no Katachi put down for Barakamon ...
   Barakamon put down for a Toradora! reviewing ...

I got too much going on at once. Seriously.


... But yeah, I am five episodes into Toradora!. So far, the show is a good solid 7/10 or 8/10. That's how I remember the early episodes being. "A solid if fairly typical school days anime." The knowledge of the promise of things picking up in the future has me excited.

If you've not seen Toradora! before, it's a personal favorite. Top 5 lister. It's about two high schoolers, a boy and a girl, who each have a crush on the other's best friend. They work together to try and get one another hooked up with their respective crushes. Highly recommend it. The story has a few bruises and the animation hasn't held up as much as I remembered it being beautiful, but the music is solid, the voice acting excellent, and the bulk of the story superb.
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