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Originally Posted by big bad birtha View Post
Granblue Fantasy: I have no clue on the quality, but I want to watch it. I want to know why this is so damn popular. Since it is popular, A-1 will probably put in maximum budget.

It's sheep waifu time!

From what all I've seen, GranBlue Fantasy is to 2015/16 what Kantai Collection was to 2013/14. So it's no surprise then that it is following in its cousin's footsteps, getting its first-ever television anime adaptation in 2017, much like KanColle got its anime in 2015.

All I know is, the ero scene loves Draphs.

Originally Posted by big bad birtha View Post
Little Witch Academia: Hopefully the quality of the shorts will carry on in a full series. If it can, this should be a great show.
I still need to watch the movie. (Not the original student project we all watched several years back, but the movie they announced afterwards.) Wasn't even aware we were getting a TV show. This is pretty great news but I have the same reservations as you.
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