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Round 2

Cuteness blinks tiredly, a bit slow to start because of her drowsiness. Luckily, Pink doesn't do any thing about it, instead waiting for Cuteness to come close. She inhales slowly, then lets out a loud scream, blue shockwaves of sound slamming into Pink, helping lessen her paralysis. The attack also helps clear Cuteness's drowsiness, and she moves into her next attack right away. Cuteness charges at Pink, gathering fighting energy into her tail. As she approaches, Pink starts up her own attack, glowing briefly then releasing a pink aura. The attack slams into Cuteness, knocking her back, but not leaving a status. Pink starts to move in for Dynamic punch, but her paralysis takes hold, her muscles locking up and causing the attack to fail. Cuteness cringes as the Toxic starts taking effect.

Cuteness is a little ahead in health, but Toxic has started taking effect. Fighting energy is at about two thirds. Pink ahead on energy and her paralysis will fade by the end of next round. Neither are looking very tired yet.

Orders from Lanturn

credit to Mew The Gato for the epic banner

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