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Round 1

Originally Posted by Son_of_Shadows
Mmkay, we'll go with Cuteness the Skitty (level 1 female), whom I know everybody wants to see.

Open with Attract if your opponent is of the opposite gender, and Thunder Wave if they're not. Then use Secret Power.
Originally Posted by Lanturn
Lv. 1 Female Jiggplypuff
Biography: -none yet-
Signature: -none yet-
Hidden Power: -none yet-

Pink, Toxic, Sing
For our quick 1v1 we have from Lanturn, Pink the Jigglypuff, and from SoS, Cuteness the Skitty. A normal type face off, no one has the type advantage here so we'll see how this plays out.

Originally Posted by SCs
Jigglypuff (Normal): Jigglypuff’s Sing attack is more effective, requiring less be sung to put an opponent to sleep. Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff can inflate themselves larger as a move to intimidate opponents, making them more hesitant to attack. While inflated, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff have a harder time moving, but a moderately higher defense.
Skitty (Normal): Skitty's Attract, Charm and similar attacks are more effective then normal. It prefers to use its tail for slapping and similar attacks.
Both sides seem to have similar beginning strategies, aiming to inflict a status effect on their opponent. Cuteness starts by releasing tendrils of electricity which wrap around Pink and begin paralyzing her. As the tendrils connect, Pink spits a glob of poisonous sludge all over Cuteness. The Skitty is clearly offended that Pink would dare to ruin her fur and starts trying to get the poison off while still looking dignified, unfortunately failing at both. The toxins sink into Cuteness's bloodstream before she can get them off. The poisoning also distracts Cuteness from her attack and the thunder wave dissipates, leaving Pink with only light paralysis. Pink then starts singing a lovely, soothing melody in an attempt to put Cuteness to sleep. Cuteness quickly realizes Pink's plan though, immediately beginning her next move, launching an oft used secret power at Pink. The pink aura hits Pink before she finishes singing, interrupting the attack midway but not leaving any additional status. Even though it was interrupted, the sing has left Cuteness a little drowsy.

Cuteness didn't take any damage, though toxic will start taking effect next round. She is drowsy, not in danger of falling asleep but will be a bit slow to move next round. Electric is at about three quarters.
Pink took some damage, but it wasn't very much. She is lightly paralyzed. Poison energy is mostly gone.

Orders from SoS

credit to Mew The Gato for the epic banner
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