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The round begins with the fallen Ippo being recalled to his Pokeball, his trainer grimacing as he does so. Contemplating his choice for a while, he finally sends his final Pokeball spinning forward, the two toned orb splitting open to reveal quite a feisty Elekid. Sparkplug flails his arms wildly, desperately trying to maintain some sort of balance. His eyes open wide as he's suddenly rushed by sharp rocks which erupt out of an asteroid near Gale, and he cries out in pain as they savagely crash into him. Spinning through the air, he finally regains some semblance of balance, before rounding on Gale. Grinning to himself, he puts one arm before the other, adopting a combative position.

Sparkplug is the first to enact his orders. Gathering Electrical energy, he quickly forms a small, sparking orb between his hands. Clapping his hands together, he sends a Charge Beam cruising towards Gale, who can do nothing but sit patiently as the attack courses through her body. Sparkplugs grins wildly, seemingly appreciating some sort of boost after some of the lingering energy dissipates into his body. Gale quickly responds in kind, frantically beating her wings to create a high pitched Buzzing. Infusing the generated sound waves with Bug- type energy, Gale lets loose a triumphant cry as the angry red waves wash over Sparkplug, causing him to grimace noticeably in pain. The Elekid quickly recovers from the attack though, rounding on Gale and gathering Electric- type energy once more. He becomes enshrouded in a veil of yellow energy, before suddenly Discharging the pent up energy. The attack crashes into Gale, and she screeches loudly in pain, but seems to have mercifully been left without any serious detrimental effects. She quickly hovers near Sparkplug, before vomiting forth a nasty looking Toxic gob. The small orb splashes over Sparkplug, and the Elekid noticeably shudders as the toxins begin to seep into his skin.

Gale looks much worse following this round, sitting comfortably into her final third. Sparkplug took a slight hit from Bug Buzz, but looks otherwise healthy. Toxic takes effect next turn. Gale looks decidedly exhausted at this point, while Sparkplug remains looking fresh.
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