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The round begins with Gale letting loose an ear splitting Supersonic screech. Ippo attempts to counter it by creating a huge Uproar, sound waves of energy quickly moving towards Gale. While the attack washes over the Yanma, the Uproar fails to drown out the previous attack entirely, and Ippo stares into the blank space before him, utterly confused. Gale makes a noise not too unlike chuckling as she Slashes her wing through the Air before her, propelling a glowing projectile directly towards Ippo. The Tyrogue takes the attack dead on, being sent spinning through the empty space. Coming to his senses, he looks around, but decides to conserve energy and not enact Double Team, given the Air Slash had aleady hit home.

Ippo is just into critical with this round, while Gale fell just below the halfway mark. Both look good for two.
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