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Ippo begins the match slowly making his way towards Nico, the small Tyrogue desperately flailing his arms in an attempt to close thd distance. Nico has no such problems, slowly gathering Electric- type energy in his fur. The hairs stand up all around his body, which is enshrouded by a thin veil of energy, and the Shinx lets out a defiant cry before suddenly Discharging the build up directly at Ippo. The Tyrogue grits his teeth as the energies slam into him, but manages to mitigate the knock back quite abruptly, slowly becoming accustomed to his surroundings. Continuing his trek towards Nico, Ippo grins in triumph as he finally closes the distance, before lifting his right arm high. Coating the fist in Ground- type energy, he slams it into Nico's body, delivering a direct contact Earthquake to the frame of his opponent. Nico screeches out in agony and is sent crashing into the asteroid behind him from the blow, his body left battered from the impact. Ippo frowns, fully having expected the strike to be enough to end his foe. Pulling his right fist slightly behind his body, he begins to coat it with Fighting- type energy, before quickly thrusting it forward. The punching motion sends the small orb of energy hurtling towards Nico, and the Shinx has very little time to react before the Vacuum Wave ploughs into his body. The impact once again slams him into the asteroid, and this time Nico's body hangs limp in the air, slowly floating dejectedly.

Nico is unable to battle! Luka, your next Pokemon please.

Ippo took a pretty solid hit from the Discharge, and he's now just a little more than halfway through his first third. Ground- type energy is mostly shot too, but he remains good for two despite panting somewhat.
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