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Marilyn is recalled to her Pokeball, a a sudden red flash of energy later, a Tyrogue named Ippo replaces her. Unaccustomed to his environment, he aimlessly floats for a moment, before flailing his arms to turn himself upright. His efforts are largely in vain, as multiple rocks shoot out from the asteroid just behind Nico. They crash into his body, causing him to screech in pain, before quickly retreating. Ippo is sent spinning once more, flailing his arms humorously until he stops his dizzying spin. Finally having some control of his movement, he attempts to rush towards Nico ... but only manages an awkward front crawl through the space between the two, and his attempt to Fake Nico Out fails in it's entirety. However, he does manage to close the gap between the two considerably, bringing himself into range of the Shinx. He raises his right hand high, flattening the palm and coating it with Fighting- type energy, before bringing it swinging down in an arc. The appendage slams into Nico, causing him to growl with disdain as he's sent reeling from the Brick Break. He crashes into the nearby asteroid, planting his feet firmly. Glancing upwards to be sure of his bearings, he channels his Psychic- type energy reserves into the air, creating quite a thick variant of Light Screen. Kicking off the asteroid to provide some propulsion, Nico slams the screen into Ippo, and the Tyrogue cringes from the impact, sent spinning through the air. He flaps his arms wildly once again to try counteract the momentum, and comes to rest a few feet away from Nico.

Nico fell further through his final third this round, but is still a ways from critical. Ippo took a pretty strong hit, but he's looking healthy. Both are good for two.
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