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See, they kept going through these weird phases where they'd ban all of these cards, then unban them, then ban them again, then unban them and make them limited to one per deck. They couldn't make up their damn minds, and it ultimately made me leave the scene because of it. I quit when they started limiting and banning the cards people were using as replacements for the good stuff, like Monster Reborn was replaced with Monster Reincarnation, which was like a nerfed version of it, but then Konami went and said "No, that's broken, too, we can't have that." And then they unbanned Raigeki.

I would love to know just what was going through their minds. Bipolar as fuck on card rulings. Even Giant Trunade and Mystical Space Typhoon got fucked over. If I recall, there was even a nerfed Raigeki, which also was banned. I don't get it. [](/twiflip)

I played a Maha Vailo deck once for fun (it was someone elses). It was SO fun. I don't remember if I won or not, I just remember how fun it was throwing equips onto it and chaining different combos.

Monster Reborn is limited again now? LOL, that'll probably only last a month or two.
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