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Originally Posted by milotic111 View Post
I meant regular sig moves, not the ASBL kind...
Broken is broken is bad, whatever way you slice it. Nerf is also bad, yes, but broken is a metric fucktonne worse than nerfed. Would you rather have to choose a different move because your move of choice is nerfed and does nothing, or be OHKO'd by a broken move?

Just... how anyone could possibly favour having a broken move over a nerfed one breaks my mind, it's so spectacularly... AHHH.

Besides which you're bitching about a move that only a pokemon you can't use gets, on the one in like six hundred chance it might come up on one of the very rare occasions someone uses metronome and saying that editing a slight nerf in that should take priority over fixing a very broken move on a reasonably common pokemon!
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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