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Recollection: Sorting Alex Out.

Cracks snaked through the cobalt-tinged rock, and the earth beneath was dull and sprouting fungi. Windows were glazed with web and time, and the furniture within had became quite tacky, if not decayed. Within the confines of this, a human stood peering at one wall, his face masked by a blackened scarf and his hair draped over one eye. Seemingly alone, he appeared to be waiting for something, or rather, someone.

A gravelly shunt.

The door slowly slid open, the mechanisms within still standing stoically against time and neglect's bitter grip, as another person stumbled into the corridor connecting the spacious cavern. The newcomer's grey eyes and dusty tinted clothing, as well as the neckerchief over his face, led one to believe that he was a robber, but the truth was that the base was his own. Alex Blackhall, one who had been troubled with inconvenient amnesia, had received a letter at a bar from an anonymous being, who left as mysteriously as they appeared. The letter was short and to the point: A summons to his base, as it were, with the promise of restoring his real memories and explanations as to their placement.

"You are here. You know," the first figure began as Alex entered the threshold, brow furrowing at the stranger before him, "it's been several years since we last met. How things have changed in the Order, Alex."

"You're part of those cultists who did this to me?" Alex growled as he flicked a pair of orbs out, the pair bursting to reveal a short humanoid creature, white and brown with flecks of green, and an adolescent wyrm, whose claws gleamed amidst the darkness and amber eyes focused with abnormal determination on the figure before them.

The figure chuckled.

" should let me finish first. Let me ask you something...what's your earliest memory? Or rather...the earliest fragment?"

"What do you know of me? Answer me now! I'm tired of these memories which float in my head, and I just want the truth!"

"Patience, Alex. Why not ask your simian partner?"

"Sim...ian?" Eyes flitting to belt, the trainer gingerly plucked the orb from his belt once more and released with a blinding flash his long-time starter, Nothung. The darkness swallowed by the light of his flames, the Infernape stretched as he looked at his master, then followed his stony gaze towards the stranger and swiftly his own eyes widened. To the trainer's astonishment, the chimp scampered to the enigmatic human and gave him a sniff, to the confusion of the Snover and Gabite, before looking at Alex expectantly. The lack of reaction disheartened the chimp, but at the same time he knew something else that Alex didn't.

"What's the deal? Who are you?"

"'s worsened. Perhaps I should help you out. You remember the Desecrated Citadel in Aryle? Or rather, why we were sent there by the Order?"

"...Aryle...wasn't that the Twilight Realm? But..."

Within the tumult of his mind, Alex reminisced hard, his eyes squeezed shut as he held his head in concentration, until an image met him. One of a ruined fortress, within darkened lands, seated on the edge of a dark and foreboding desert. One of the stranger before him, a whisper of a name...Rigel, was it? A second flash, a new image, this time within the fortress, perhaps...a strange energy before him, then a sudden plunge into darkness, and then a melting of the image, as though the shadows themselves were trying to cover it up, and then-

" hurts..." he moaned, hands beginning to claw at his head in irritation. The stranger shook his head.

"The reason for your amnesia is trying to conceal itself. It doesn't wish to be released, it lusts for your mind. It crushes your memories, consumes them...leaving behind doubt and hallucination, until one either surrenders their soul to it, or their mind is devoured, the body becoming a vessel for it."

"T-t-this is...possession..." the trainer hissed, dropping to his knees as eyes opened, flickering tint between crimson and grey, sweat beading off his head as Mistilteinn and Caladbolg approached him, trying to support him, but unsure as to how.

"Gehenna. Luster Purge."

As the two pokemon vainly attempted to quell the flailing human, the air shimmered beside the stranger as Alex's Infernape grit his teeth, the air suddenly taking form into a deep violet and lilac form, two wings like jet streams spread, eyes scarlet in hatred, yet a serene form of grace seemed to emanate from the pokemon as two short clawed arms focused before its blackened delta crest on its chest, sparks of light popping into existence and culminating into a ball of lustrous energy.

"Banish him."

With a gallant roar, the Shadow Latios lunged forward with both claws, blasting the orb towards Alex as the two pokemon at his flank braced themselves and stood in its way side by side, only for the orb to sail between the two of them directly at the trainer, eyes widening and watering as his face widened in shock.

The Luster Purge exploded on contact, a shrill scream of unearthly origin bursting from the amnesiac as he was knocked back, a trail of black streaming from him as he collided harshly with a table, bowling it and the plushies over and landing in a shaken heap as the black coalesced from him into a dark orb.

"There we go, there's the culprit. Gehenna, exorci-" he called, before the orb seeming snarled and barreled for the shadow pokemon, the Eon being's eyes flashing cyan with psychic power to shatter the demon, but it was too late as it flowed into the psion's body, causing the creature to snarl and thrash around. Cursing, the one seemingly known as Rigel turned and ran for Alex, who bled from the head from impact but was otherwise mostly unharmed.

"Ggghrrgghhh...shit!" Opening his eyes, Alex gazed at the legendary before him, before pointing at the being. "Guys! Stop him before he kills us!"

Nothung, closest in proximity, dashed forward and slapped both hands around in a fake out strategy, seeking to buy the offensively gifted some time to strike, which caused the Latios to stop momentarily, stunned from the swift hit, before roaring from a frigid beam and torrent of flames, Caladbolg's flamethrower and the Snover's natural affinity for ice serving to capitalise on the weakness of the dragon, heat following cold to inflict greater pain.

The shadow pokemon shook vigorously before slamming a claw into the ground, shock waves of energy shaking the earth in a localised quake to the surprise of Alex's team, and knocking both humans off their feet. One orb dislodged itself from Alex and bounced, popping open to the revelation of a small blue bug with a lengthy tail, a Skorupi it seemed who looked around at the chaos before it. Nothung, being closest, was left reeling from the attack, while the dragon and frosted tree were shaken from the power of the beast. Following through, the being generated some dark lightning, zapping Mistilteinn with a devastating shadow bolt from its maw, causing the Snover to screech in pain, collapsing from the blow.

Snarling, the Gabite dashed to the possessed Eon and brought both claws down in a chopping manner, striking the arms with dual hits at the joints to try and render them helpless while Nothung leapt into the fray, fists and feet flying in close combat to whittle the energy of the dragon down, Gehenna bellowing bloody murder as it shook around once more, bursting into outrage as it fended off the pair, but leaving himself open to the recovering Snover, who glared at the beast as he cloaked himself in frost and lumbered at it.

"Mist! No!"

The cry came too late as the avalanche smashed into all three, the Gabite shrilly crying from the brutal strike more than their opponent, whose eyes were becoming a darker shade by the second, and the Infernape's opened defences leaving a glancing blow, which gave the dragon time to strike the three of them with a sweeping ray, the hyper beam's force across the room weakened, but still hefty enough to do some serious damage, blasts knocking the group down. Gulping air, Alex could only watch hunched down as the dragon turned to Nothung, eyes aglow as the air around it thickened, the developing psyshock] set to extinguish the chimp's flame for good...


Out of the blue, the Latios blinked from a sudden jab at its rear, the poison sting serving a distraction to tick him off as he swung an arm down, the thick air popping into cyan globules and raining down at the Skorupi, who bobbed and weaved in fear before taking a hit from one, knocking him at Alex's feet. Leering at the shaken bug, the dragon loomed over the trainer and pokemon, Rigel having been knocked unconcious earlier by the earthquake and opened the maw once more, dark energy building with heat, but the shadow flame technique never came.

Whether it was down to anger, determination or wounded pride, both Snover and Gabite struggled to their feet, staring down their legendary foe, or rather, the demon within. Stepping forward, the ground beneath seemed to lighten up with every step, the dragon snuffing out the dark fire and spewing forth dragonbreath at them instead, the indigo torrent of fire washing over both. Watching in awe, Alex could only gawp as the two pokemon emerged from the smoke glowing, and not just them as the bug in his arms crawled out with the same glow.

Light filled the room, dispelling darkness as the three were engulfed in the energy. Mistilteinn's form erupted upward and outward, the stubby tail extending and hands developing fingers, while Caladbolg's frame bulked up, spiky protrusions emerging as the head warped from a beak to snout, while the scorpion's stubby stingers split into a pair of fearsome pincers and the size emerged greatly, hefty tail swishing ominously as the glow faded. Gone were the juvenile pokemon, in their place a great yeti, terrifying wyrm and beefy scorpion, who flanked the Latios.


Before the Latios could react, the newly evolved Drapion swung both claws round to pin the Eon, while the Abomasnow clenched his fist, sucker punching the shadow pokemon with an icy grit, knocking the wind from the Eon. Gasping, the struggling legendary was subject to a crunch in the skull from the Garchomp, the fangs sinking in as the Drapion's claws swung back in a night slash, jerking the wings backward at an abnormal angle and allowing the Mach Pokemon to toss the being into the ground head first, the thump stunning the legendary as the darkness seeped out once more, right into Nothung's path. A fire spin from the Infernape lit up the darkness once more, the demon screeching as the psychic pokemon shook its head of grogginess, and followed through on instinct, launching a psychic blast into the maelstrom.

The demon within gave one final cursed cry as shadow burned into cyan light and dissipated, as Alex rose to his feet with Rigel, before clutching his head once more. Groaning, the trainer's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fainted, landing on the ground to the Latios' master's indifference.

"Hmm...his illusive memories will fade swiftly, and his consumed memories will unravel with celerity. I would advise he rest for a couple of days." Motioning, the masked man beckoned the injured shadow pokemon by his side, looking into the weary monkey's eyes. "Good to see you looking after your master during this possession. Keep an eye out for him yet, our old demonbreaker needs his respite and the Order's willing to let him go."

Nodding, he turned to Gehenna who flickered and faded with him in a teleport, leaving the group to clean up the mess left behind.


One week later, Alex emerged from the cavern, a change of clothes required after the events. With this, he sported a knee-length coat over a shirt, with loose denim pants and fingerless gloves. On his head he wore a headband, which sported a logo of a black Zubat and two blades, but the difference was in his eyes which no longer were grey, but a calm chocolate. Stretching, the trainer picked up a plank of wood and hung it on a nearby rock, before entering the cave once more, curious visitors noticing the words scrawled onto the wood.

"Alex Blackhall, Demonbreaker for hire."

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And with this, my revamp is pretty much beginning. I'll be sorting out profile stuff over the next couple of days, but in the meantime this place is closed until I'm ready. I'll be taking this opportunity to level my level 38 Gabite to 48 and evolve him to a Garchomp, as well as my level 1 Skorupi to 40 and evolution to Drapion, as well as evolving my Snover at last into Abomasnow.

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