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Holy donkey.

Buying the following:
x1 Lugia Plushie (750)
x1 Rayquaza Plushie (750)
x1 Shiny Rayquaza Plushie (750)
x1 Shiny Groudon Plushie (750)
x1 Shiny Mew Plushie (750)
x1 Mewtwo Plushie (750)
x1 Shaymin Plushie (1000)
x1 Regigigas Plushie (1000)
x1 Palkia Plushie (1000)
x1 Heatran Plushie (1000)
x1 Dialga Plushie (1000)

For a grand total of 9,500 coins.

*gets squashed under plushie legends*
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