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PASBL Stats:
Level 2 Trainer, 12 pokemon
9-7-0, 16 KOs, 46TP

Spoiler: show
Clark / Charmeleon (M): lvl 2
Bio: Clark the Charmeleon is the evolved form of the Charmander that I received from Professor Oak in Pallet Town. Being my first pokemon, we've had many great battles together. Some notables being Blane and his Magmar, as well as Richie and his Chameleon. Pikachu being a notable sparing partner as well.

On our way through Johto, I met up with my Uncle James who breeds Charizard near the Charicific Valley for Professor Oak. He saw the fire in Clark's eyes, how bad he wanted to be the best pokemon on my squad. He decided to take Clark in to train him with the Charizard's in the valley.

Training was tough on poor Clark. He barely stood a chance against those Charizard and their ability to fly and use of powerful dragon attacks. He never gave up though, through all the pain and scars he accumulated on his face and chest from multiple slash attacks. Ash's Charizard even took Clark under his wing (I guess literally and figuratively).

Several months passed training under Ash's Charizard and Clark the Charmander was well respected in the Valley as the scrappy little pokemon that never gave up. The biggest Charizard of them all disagreed with this however, the same Charizard that gave Ash's Charizard trouble when he first arrived at the Charificific Valley. Big Charizard decided to pick a fight with Clark while Ash's Charizard was away. He pummeled Clark as the other Charizard looked on, worse than he had ever been before. Clark had enough and started glowing to finally evolve into Charmeleon. Clark remembered how Pikachu would use Zap Cannon to immobilize his foes, he decided he must munster up enough dragon energy to do this and created Dragon Cannon. It completely caught Big Charizard by surprise in the air and utterly knocked him out as it fell to the ground paralyzed. The charizard never looked at Clark the same and they all gave him the most upward respect from then on.

Clark is currently in my rotation of pokemon, summoning him from the valley when needed.

Signature Move - Dragon Cannon (DR): (Waiting for Approval)
The user charges up for several seconds, and fires a large beam of concentrated dragon energy, dealing heavy damage. It's relatively slow in comparison to other dragon attacks, making it fairly easily evadible, but its paralysis rate is practically 100%, even a close miss with induce some partial paralysis (Can only be used once per battle)

Wicked Witch of the West (W3) / Vulpix (F): lvl 1 *Shiny*
Bio: Wicked Witch of the West (or W3 for short) the Shiny Vulpix is a newer pokemon of mine. I was training Mike near the Johto Safari zone and it appeared out of the bushes and I had to catch it. It hasn't been used much in battle but I plan to raise it into a beautiful silver Ninetales.

W3 currently resides with June at our farm in the orange islands being called to battle when needed.

Special Training: Rolling the Sod! (Waiting for Approval)
W3 the Vulpix has twice as much grass energy as it normally would.

Hidden Power in now of Grass Type

Wally / Pidgeotto (M): lvl 2
Bio: Wally the Pidgeotto is the evolved form of the Pidgey that I caught in Viridian Forest when I first started my journey. There not much to be said about Wally. He comes out, focus' getting the job done, and goes back into his pokeball. He's a loner type and would rather be in his pokeball. I'm completely okay with that and respect his wishes.

Special Training: Can I go home to my ball yet? (Waiting for approval)
Wally's Hidden Power is now Ground Typed and has enough ground energy to use it twice per battle.

Ahchu / Pikachu (F): lvl 2
Bio: Ahchu the Pikachu is one of my most relied on Pokemon. We've won and lost many battles against some of the toughest trainers around. Jeri's Magmar and Lt.Steel's Alakazam being some of our tougher opponents. She's been in most of my teams from catcher her in Viridian Forest, all the way though Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

I named her Ahchu for no particular reason. Just sounded right at the time when she was caught. She absolutely hates being considered one of the cliche mascot pokemon that everyone uses. She wears a small pink bow on her left ear just to be different. It pushes her more and more to be the best Pikachu she can be. We've tried multiple ways to train and stand out and finally came up with a move that worked. Being able to summon toxic from the tail, we were able to train and summon straight poison energy as well. It's Cliché but makes sense.

Special Training: The need to stand out (Waiting for approval)
Ahchu the Pikachu can now use Poison Tail. It has enough energy to use it 3 times per battle.

Hidden Power is also that of Poison Type

Buc / Chimchar (M): lvl 1
Bio: Buc the Chimchar is one of our family pokemon. He's from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He was my pap's starter pokemon and is an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates from being around the city so often. So much that my pap actually taught him how to play.

Since the inception of the Pokemon affiliate 'Pittsburgh Steelix" in the MLB. Buc has become one of the starting pitchers being able to throw a 80 mph fastball. He wears a Pirates hat with cornrows to look like his favorite Pirates player Andrew McCutchen and a Pirates jersey with number #89 annd "Buc" on the back.

Buc lives at our second house in Pittsburgh. Most of the time he is traveling with the team but can be called upon when needed.

Signature Move - Buc Town Swag (Normal / Various) (Waiting for approval)
Buc carriers a pouch of three baseballs on him (Baseballs and pouch are a viable size for it's current evolution. It looks more or less like a fanny pack on the front of it's body.). Buc can put the various energy's available to him (Fire, Fighting, Electric, Dark, Steel, Rock, and Grass) into these balls and throw them at his opponents at a high velocity for Decent Type Damage and Light Normal Damage due to the actual ball. Solid energy is used in all. The balls disintegrate after use. Just like a pitch in baseball, it takes a second or two to wind up and throw.

Cue / Cubone (M): lvl 2
Bio: Cue the Cubone was hatched from an egg that I received from the day care in Solaceon Town. It's parent are unknown so it was not given a skull helmet or a bone to hold. It is a rare occurrence in the pokemon world when this happens. It's head does look similar to that of a Charmander's.

Cue was reluctant to battle for the longest time because of his "handicap". So I brought Clark from out of the Charificific Valley and with the help of him and Ahchu, they took Cue under their wing and trained him to the best of their ability through Sinnoh. The training was nothing special, nothing amazing, just general skills to battle to the best of his ability without a bone and skull helmet.

Special Training: Brought up from nothing. (Waiting for approval)
Cue can not used Bone Club, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Skull Bash, or Iron Head because of his handicap. It can now use Fake Out, Quick Attack, Sing, and is familiar with using Agility because of his training.

Junior / Elekid (M): lvl 1
Bio: Junior the Elekid was caught amongst a group of Mr. Mine and Mime Jr in the Sinnoh Region when I first began my journey there. Apparently his mom (Mrs.Mime) mated with an Electabuzz from a group in the area. Most of the Mr. Mime shunned him for this but his mother knew she had made a mistake and trained him to the best of her ability so he could one day escape from the discrimination of the Mr. Mine.

Junior was reunited with his mom, Mrs. Mime, and half-brother, Mike the Magby, during the beginning of the Lily of the Valley Conference during the first three preliminary rounds were all three were my main team throughout. They became close during this time and Mike became his best friend.

Special Training: Out of wedlock (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime trained Junior to be familiar with the move Psychic and has double the psychic energy.

Hidden Power is that of Psychic Type

Ahsneeze / Sneasel (M): lvl 3
Bio: Ahsneeze the Sneasel is from Mt. Silver of course. How cliché is that. Like a few of my pokemon though, Ahsneeze watches too much Naruto and tries to make sig moves accordingly.

Signature Move: Shadow Bind (DK) (Waiting for approval)
Using good energy, the user sends out numerous tendrils of dark energy from their own shadow on the ground with which it attempts to bind the opponent. The user of Shadow Bind must concentrate while maintaining the attack, but they can use other attacks concurrently. It will not work if there are no shadows on the ground.

Tony Spark / Magnemite: Lvl 1
Bio: Magnemite is a huge Marvel Comicn fan, Iron Man being his favorite in particular. So much that it changed the colors of itself to look hot rod red like Iron Man. It's body and the tips of both it it's magnets are red, while the bolts and most of it's magnets are gold, just like Iron Man's armor. It will only answer to Tony Spark as well.

Tony Spark is currently in and out of my rotation.

Signature Move - Repulsor Ray (EL) (Waiting for approval)
The user creates a white beam of powerful electric energy, which is fired from it's magnets (ala like Tony Starks hands in the movie "Iron Man") at the opponent to hit for good damage. It can also be used launch Tony Spark into the air 8-10 ft.

June / Bulbasaur (F): lvl 1
Bio: June the Bulbasaur was hatched from an egg that I received for my 21st Birthday from my parents. It was used regularly through my journey in Johto, especially in the beginning rounds of the Silver Conference.

June now mostly stays at our farm in the Orange Islands. She helps dig out rows and plant our berrys.

Special Training: Green thumb in the garden (Waiting for approval)
June the Bulbasaur can now use and is familiar with Dig.

Dizney / Growlithe (M): lvl 2
Bio: Dizney the Growlithe is pretty much our house dog. We take him where ever we are at. He's not much a battler but we call him in when needed.

He's actually really muscular for a Growlithe. We have a metal dog run the we put him on in the back of both houses for him to go to the bathroom as he pleases without him running away. Sometimes the wheel pulley that's connected to his leash and metal run gets stuck and he has to pull himself along without the wheel moving. It would be like someone holding you back with a rope as you ran forward. This is what we think has made him so big. He's such a sweet and loving pokemon but the neighbors are horribly scared of him because of his size. Same with various pokemon around the neighborhood. (Actual true story about my dog)

Special Technique - Intimidate (Waiting for approval)
When Dizney is summoned to the field, the effect of roar is automatically felt across the arena. Due to that though, the actual move Roar now becomes useless. Roar rules apply.

Bruce / Zangoose (M) lvl 1
Bio: Bruce the Zangoose was the only pokemon I caught in Hoenn. Not much is to be said about him as he is still in training and has been used very few times.

Special Attack: Rasengan (NO) (Waiting for approval)
Not to be confused with Naruto's Rasengan, this is just a Hyper Beam that is charged in the form of a ball through one Bruce's front paws that has to physically touch it's opponent for damage to be calculated. Same rules for Hyper Beam apply.

Mrs. Mime / Mr. Mime (F) lvl 2
Bio: Mrs. Mime the Mr. Mime is from a group of Mime (Mr. Mime / Mime Jr.) that live in the Sinnoh Region near Twinleaf Town. She is absolutely gorgeous for her species and because of this has become somewhat of a Jezebel. Not finding anyone good enough for her in the Mime group, she ventured off to an Electabuzz group down the road and mated with one. Her Mime clan was furious, especially when they found out she was expecting with an egg. They let her stay as long as she didn't go off again. No male Mr. Mime became interested in her again, this didn't matter however because Junior became her world and she raised him to be the best he could be.

Once Junior went off on his journey, Mrs. Mime was feeling lonely again. There was a Magmar down the road that she took a shining to. At the end of it all, she was expecting again. This time however, the mime clan booted her out and she was out on her own. Needing help, she ventured Sinnoh looking for me. Mike the Magby was hatched during this time and she trained him while they were along on their journey, finally catching up with me at the Lily of the Valley Conference. Both of them joined my team.

Mrs. Mime and her two sons were my team of three through all three preliminary rounds of the Lily of the Valley Conference and become closer as a family during that time. She was happy to see that her sons became best friends after all everyone went through.

Special Technique: Holy Hot Mama (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime is gorgeous for her species and a Jezebel. When she enters the field, pokemon of the male pokemon in her egg group stop for a second or two and awe at her beauty then continue with their orders. Male Magmar and Electabuzz will be attracted to her. Male Mr. Mime are unaffected by this as well as baby pokemon. Attract can not be used if 'Holy Hot Mama' comes into effect entering battle. If Attract is used by Male Magmar or Electabuzz on her, she will automatically be attracted to them as well.

Mike / Magby (M) lvl 1
Bio: Mike the Magby is the son of Mrs. Mime and half-brother of Junior. Mike grew up throughout the Sinnoh Region with his mom, Mrs. Mime. He never knew is real father and never had any friends due to his mom being shunned out of the Mime group for mating for the second time outside of their species.

Mike and his mother Mrs. Mime were added to my team during the Lily of the Valley Conference as I made my journey home. They apparently followed me there as Mrs. Mime knew that's where I was originally going when I took Junior with me. Him, Junior, and Mrs. Mime were my team through all 3 preliminary rounds of the tournament. They became really close as a family during that time and Mike finally found his best friend in his half-brother Junior.

Special Training: Again, Out of wedlock (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime trained Mike to be familiar with the move Psychic and has double the psychic energy.

Hidden Power is that of Psychic Type

War / Wartortle (F): lvl 2
Bio: War the Wartortle as a Squirtle was an odd capture as I captured it amongst a group of Swinub while I was walking through Ice Path on my way to Blackthorn City. It seems to have gotten used to the cold and her skin is a darker blue. Apparently the stories going around town when I arrived at blackthorn was that a trainer abandoned his baby squirtle in mahogany town and not knowing any better wandered its way to Ice Path where the Ice pokemon there took it in as their own and took care of it. And to be honest, from experience, his favorite move seems to be Ice Beam rather than Water Gun. She doesn't dig hot weather tho.

Type Addition (Ice): Through living in Ice condition in the ice cave, Squirtle has adapted to elements and seems to have gained an additional Ice type also. She has all the strengths and Weaknesses of that of an Ice Type also.

Majin Buu / Gastly (M) Lvl 1 (Pink body and gas)

Current Matches since keeping track.
1: Vs Salamencia
2: Vs Squirtleking
1: Vs Kilowatt

1: Vs Deadlion 1-0


No Contest:
1. Vs XanderKetsu
8-7-0, 15 KOs, 44TP (2009-10)
1-0-0, 1 KO, 2TP (Since Return 8/13/2012)

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