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O hai.

SHelling out for the following goods:

x2 White Glass Table (800 coins)
x1 Black Lounger (400 coins)
x1 Black Sofa (300 coins)
x4 Green Plush Stools (320 coins)
x1 Flower Pot (15 coins)
x4 Blue Rock (40 coins)
x1 Spikes Mat (50 coins)
x1 Regice Doll (500 coins)
x1 Torchic Doll (200 coins)
x1 Togepi Doll (100 coins)
x2 Electric Cushion (40 coins)
x1 PC (2000 coins)
x1 Long Blue Bookcase (450 coins)
x2 Glass Sculpture (700 coins)
x1 White Bed (300 coins)
x4 Blue Curtains (200 coins)
x1 Clock (50 coins)

And that comes to...6,465 coins.

*hands over swag bag*
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