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PASBL Trainer Record:

Trainer Level: 4

W:30 - L:27 - D:4

KOs: 69
TP: 197
SP: 2.5

B Rank ref

Battle Slots - 0/4 taken

Slot 1 - Open

Slot 2 - Open

Slot 3 - Open

Slot 4 - Open

Gym Slot: Open

Squad Slots: 36/36 filled.

0 single slots purchased.
4 sets of 3 purchased.
0 sets of 6 purchased.


Spoiler: show
Birdkeeper's Token
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Steve the Xatu.

Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Currently unattached.

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Tetsu the Torterra.

Attached to Blaine the Alakazam.


Spoiler: show
Ares: Male Charizard (Level 4)
A loner, never wants to make friends, or play with others. He's difficult to handle, and will attack any stranger that tries to get near him. He was a ruthless fighter, and in battle it used to be hard to get him to stop fighting, even after the battle was over. This earned him his nickname. However, now he has calmed down during battle, and he has channelled his rage into a strength.
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Blaine: Male Alakazam (Level 4)
A loner, like Ares, his long hours of sleep make him seem a dull character, and he is. Even when he's awake, Blaine sits by himself. He won't attack strangers, but he never joins anyone to do anything. He only seems to interact with people that show a relatively high level of intelligence. In battle he constantly thinks through the moves he makes, and might not follow a command if it doesn't seem logical or reasonable in any way. Not that this ever happens, due to his trainer being similarly logical
After learning he was named after David Blaine, the famed illusionist, Blaine decided he should probably see if he could imitate the man himself. He studied hard to learn how the brain worked, and how to manipulate it.

Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: Psychological Genius
Blaine can use Hypnosis, but only twice per battle and once per target. Normal sleep rules still apply.
Attached: Alakazite

Zudo: Male Nidoking (Level 5)
An aggressive and devious Pokemon, Zudo uses his poisonous attacks to try and sustain power over anyone he deems worthy to serve him. He is one of the harder members of the team to control, and held a similar attitude in battle, brutally attacking whenever he can. He finally realised, however, that he needed strategy to win some battles, so now listens more. He is a good friend to Ares. While he agrees to listen, he still worked on discovering a way to use his devious and manipulative nature, and managed to pick up a few new moves from comrades and opponents. After he evolved to Nidoking, he needed no time to learn or perfect Taunt, already knowing it, so we worked on re-teaching him a couple of old moves to give him some more diversity.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Corruption (Dark)
Due to his dark nature, Zudo can now use Nasty Plot and Snatch. However, due to his lack of respect for most others and belief that he is stronger by himself, he cannot use Helping Hand, Captivate, Attract, Flatter, Mimic or Amnesia.

Shio: Male Blastoise (Level 4)
Shio's motto is "brain over brawn", although it doesn't mean to say his attacks don't pack a punch. He doesn't approve of rushed tactics, and will always try to stop his friends from acting rashly or fighting amongst each other. His calmer approach to life affects his battling quite a bit.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Knowledge is power (Typeless)
Shio can now use Calm Mind and Meditate, but is unable to use Rage, Mirror Coat or Counter.

Caprice: Female Ampharos (Level 4)
Caprice is a dreamer. She spends her time in fields, watching the clouds pass by, wishing her life was as simple as that of a cloud. She doesn't have as much dedication to training as the other members of my squad, but she still trains when she feels like it. She takes her battles seriously, but only so that she can enjoy a good rest without interruptions afterwards. Her electrical prowess is the reason I added her to my squad. Being an Ampharos, she uses the light on her tail quite a lot to see when there is no natural light, and she has learned to harness the energy released when lighting her tail.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Glowing with potential (Typeless)
Caprice can now use Tail Glow, but can only use it once per match.

Mia: Female Espeon (Level 4)
A funloving Espeon that just likes to run around, playing. Albeit overly trusting, she is fierce in battle, and a good companion. She treats battles like a kind of game, never taking it very seriously, no matter how much she gets hurt.
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: Levelling the Playing Field (Fighting)
Due to her training, Mia is now able to use Focus Blast twice per battle. However, her Focus Blasts are weaker in power, dealing damage equal to a Thunderbolt and costing a Thunderbolt's worth of energy. She has also gained 2 Thunderbolt's worth of Fighting energy to use her new move. In addition, her natural love for a fair battle has caused her to forget the deceptive Swagger, Double Team, Fake Tears, Charm, Captivate, Attract and Substitute, as well as losing Mimic and Psych Up due to her wishing to win with her own strength alone.

Helia: Female Typhlosion (Level 4)
I met her in an alley when she was just a Cyndaquil, fending for herself. She finds it hard to open up to others, but is a loyal companion when she trusts someone. She can hold her own well in a battle, but never seems to be able to trust her opponents after the battle is over.
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Tetsu: Male Torterra (Level 4)
Tetsu is a real team player. Always looking out for his friends in and out of battle. With intelligence to go with his kindness, Tetsu is the stability of the group, helping all ‘mon to co-operate.
After a while of training, I realised he was lacking something. Despite his Ground type moves allowing him to fight Fire types well, he still wasn’t that capable in battle. I eventually remembered the meaning behind the name I gave him. “Iron”. Inspiration was flowing, and I got to work teaching him Steel moves, some knowledge of the type already fresh in my mind from using my Scizor before it left the team.

Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Iron Will (Typeless)
Due to his training, Tetsu is considered familiar with Steel type moves, increasing his Steel energy pool to the level of a Water type’s Ice energy pool. He has also learned Heavy Slam and Flash Cannon. However, he can no longer use Double Edge, Sand Tomb, Leech Seed, Swagger, Substitute, Curse or Amnesia.
Attached: Harvester's Token

Pierre: Male Mr. Mime (Level 4)
Pierre is French. Or, that’s what he would have others believe. In reality, Pierre is a born and bred Brit. However, he was inspired by Marcel Marceau (the professional mime, not LC’s Mr. Mime, although said Mime is cool too) at a young age, and has decided to try and become as like his hero has possible. Therefore, he has taken the name of Pierre, and has stopped speaking completely, communicating only through mime. He is even silent in his sleep.
Hidden Power: Rock
No Signature Move

Tess: Female Black Delibird (Level 4)
When you think of Delibird, you probably imagine them to be kind, giving and selfless, correct? Well, those 3 words are probably the worst words to describe Tess with. She’s selfish, cold and bitter, to say the least. As if to highlight this, all the parts of her body that should be red are jet-black. She has joined the Ares and Zudo section of my squad, and the two seem to get on well with her, despite her being probably being the least friendly of them.
She doesn't like giving out presents. Why? Giving something of value away for nothing? But, alas, she is a Delibird. Gifted with gifts. So instead of actually giving away things of any real value, she's decided to give actually hurtful Presents instead.

Hidden Power: Flying
Special Training: She Knows If You've Been Bad or Good (Typeless)
Tess's Present attack is now super-effective against Dark, Ghost and Poison-types, but is resisted by Normal, Fighting and Psychic-types.

Belle: Female Miltank (Level 4)
Belle has a very caring nature, and is practically the opposite of Tess. She tries to do whatever she can to help the other members of the team when they need something. As such, she quickly took the role of the squad’s nurse, and tries to help newer members settle into the group.
Hidden Power: Fire
No Signature Move

Anura: Male Politoed (Level 4)
Anura is a Politoed. This makes him awesome. In fact, he’s probably the most awesome Pokémon on my squad, and he knows it. He is extremely proud, and tries to get stronger every day. He sees Ares and Link as his main rivals, and wishes to surpass them. He won’t give up in battle, and seems to thrive under pressure.
His never-give-up spirit and ability to improve his performance under pressure has given birth to a new trait, which he feels suits him very well.

Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: The Awesomeness of Anura (Typeless)
When Anura is in a "tough spot", his attacks are 25% stronger, for an equivalent energy increase (as standard for offensive boosts). A "tough spot" is roughly defined as "1/4 of his total health or lower", though if he is in a relatively good position (ref's discretion) in the match, the threshold will be a bit lower, and similarly will be higher if he is in a particularly bad position (again, ref's discretion). This does not apply to moves that do not directly damage the target (e.g. Sandstorm), and does not affect secondary effects of moves at all. He cannot use Belly Drum, Hyper Beam, Focus Punch, Toxic, Double Team, Substitute, Swagger or Frustration.

Clyde: Male Mothim (Level 4)
Clyde is one of the Pokémon I remember most, mainly due to him being a Mothim and therefore a cool ‘mon in terms of design. Finally being added once I purchased slots after reaching TL2, he was originally a member of an obvious double-act. The second half being a Butterfree named Bonnie. The latter has, as of writing, not made it into my ASB squad, but this team of 2 was first created outside of the ASB. Clyde does wish he could be with said Butterfree, but as of yet he isn’t. Despite this, Clyde flirts a lot and cracks jokes wherever possible and is not unlike the common British 18-20 year old. But he doesn’t drink because he’s small and therefore a lightweight.
Despite being pretty cool, Clyde is a rather disappointing Pokémon, as he hasn’t been able to battle much thanks to his poor movepool and typing. In fact, by the time I’d realised this, he had only been used in 1 completed match, in which he hadn’t managed to excel. After moping about this for a while, he decided he needed to find a way to become useful. Fortunately, all it took was some training for some extra moves, so it didn’t take long for me to help him out here.

Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Training: MUST USE IT!
Due to needing a usable movepool, Clyde has learned Mud Shot.

Zeke: Male Tauros (Level 4)
Zeke is a relatively new member, but this doesn't stop him acting like one of the original members. He's rather friendly, and constantly tries to place himself among other members of the group. He's also easily irritated, as one might expect from a Tauros. But he's fitted in well, partly due to a suspected crush on Belle, the Miltank on my squad.
I caught Zeke a little while after all the Gen V nonsense settled in, and one of the newly discovered Pokemon, Bouffalant, has rather bothered him. While Bouffalant does have an afro, which is perhaps its only selling point against Tauros aesthetically, it seems to have been given a lot of love by its creators. In particular, it can somehow use Swords Dance, yet Zeke can't naturally use it. This really irritated him, and he worked hard to remedy the problem.

Hidden Power: Fighting
Due to his training, Zeke can now use Swords Dance.

Mohs: Genderless Metang (Level 4)
Mohs has been recently renamed, and with it a new personality. Not that the old one really had a personality. Mohs is rather a video-game fanatic, despite not being able to really hold the controllers or consoles. He has played some, however, by using Telekinesis and Psychic to “hold” anything he needs; it’s a little taxing on him, but nothing he’s not used to with battles and what have you. Amazingly, thanks to the lightness of said controllers and consoles, he is able to get quite a bit of game time in before really tiring. However, it was a game he had never played that gave birth to an interesting trait of his.
One time he stumbled across a recording of E3 2006, which previewed ’Genji: Days of the Blade’. Seeing him watching this, I suddenly realised something. Apparently, a lot of people rather mistakenly associate Metagross with crabs. Because they’re a little similar… 4 legs, no claws. But they do have an exoskeleton (kind of) and multiple legs. With this flawed association in mind, I began training him alongside Dale, my Kingler, to perfect a new move that should help him cover his two weaknesses just a little better.

Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Giant Enemy Crab (Water)
Mohs has learned Crabhammer, and his Water energy pool has increased to allow him 2 uses of Crabhammer per match.

Smashie: Female Steelix (Level 4)
Smashy smash smashy smash smash smash. Smash smashy smash smash smashy smash smash smashy. Smash smash SMASHY SMASHSMASH.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Smashy Smash!
When Smashie is sent out into battle for the first time, she performs an automatic Curse. This doesn't use a move, but it does use the energy usually required. This boost will fade as normal.

Monsieur Sol: Genderless Solrock (Level 4)
The only true French ‘mon I own, Sol is a little annoying. He’s tried time and again to speak French; he feels that without this trait he cannot be “truly” French. But he’s a Pokémon. He is limited in speech somewhat. So this has proven too hard for him. Yet he still tries. However, his most annoying trait is his cowardice. When he finds himself at a disadvantage in a battle, he gets quite desperate and would go so far as to try to flatter his opponent to avoid KOs or death. Fortunately, I have managed to train him to avoid simply running away from the fight.
In fact, it’s this desperation to avoid defeat that gave birth to a new move. He found that Sandstorm was a good deterrent. But it isn’t great. So he worked on a new move; similar to Sandstorm, but reworked in certain ways to become stronger and more useful. To push opponents away, and stop them hitting him hard.

Hidden Power: Grass
Special Attack: Sable Dance (Various)
Sol spins around, emitting energy and moulding it into sand-like particles that begin to fly wildly, forming a kind of energy sandstorm. This makeshift sandstorm is then sent toward the opponent. The attack generates quite a bit of wind, giving it a semi-physical nature like that of Twister, but is mostly special as the “sand” that forms the bulk of the storm is pure energy. He can use either Rock or Ground energy for this attack, but the type must be stated when Sable Dance is ordered. The attack does heavy damage for the same amount of energy under standard conditions, but it may deal more damage if the winds generated pick up any sand or water, at ref’s discretion. Sol can only use Sable Dance three times per match, and can’t use the same energy type for this attack more than twice per match. He has gained enough Ground energy for two Sable Dances. Sol cannot use Sandstorm.

Jean, the Gene Genie: Female Duosion (Level 3)
Jean’s a huge biology geek; think Dave (TheFishGuy), but more generally knowledgeable. Unfortunately, she’s not incredibly well versed in English, being a Pokémon, so she doesn’t often attempt to share this information. But it’s there. A true scientist, she finds the whole Pokémon physics thing a shade disconcerting. But she’s no physicist, so she tends to shrug it off easily enough.
Named for a famous David Bowie single, Jean is a massive fan of his. Quite fortunate, really, considering her name was conjured before her personality was invented discovered. Finding it quite difficult to develop any kind of Bowie-related signature move, she instead concentrated on the particular song that named her. After watching Disney’s rendition of Aladdin countless times, we finally settled on a technique that might be passable. Win/win situation; Aladdin’s a good film.

Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: Three Wishes
Once per battle, Jean can expend major energy to send three orbs of energy skyward. Each orb contains the same amount of energy (moderate), and will grow a minor amount each round, up to a maximum of significant energy per orb. These orbs will remain when Jean is KOd or otherwise returned to her ball, and will travel with the battlers if there is an arena change (e.g. Dave’s Dark Gym). Furthermore, they are not volatile, and will not explode when hit with anything. As a move, Jean or her team-mates can “recall” one of the orbs, at which point it will drop down and enter the recipient’s body, triggering its effect. Each orb can be one of three types, all of which must be declared when ordered, and each orb type has a slightly different effect, denoted by a different colour:
Type A: Red in colour, this orb restores energy equal to the energy it currently holds.
Type B: Milky white, this orb restores energy from one type pool (selected when ordering to recall that orb) equal to the energy currently in the orb, at the expense of all reserves of one other random type energy. This drain applies at the same time as the recovery.
Type C: Tinted deep blue, this orb will recover health equal to the energy it currently holds. This orb counts as a “healing move”, and as such only one Type C orb can ever be created.
Excluding the limit on Type C, the orbs can be any type, so one could order “ABC”, “AAC” or even “BBB”. After an orb has been recalled, Jean and her allies must wait 5 whole rounds before attempting to recall another. As the orbs are all different colours, it is possible to tell which is which at any time, and thus possible to order which orb to “recall”. The order for this attack is "Three Wishes ([Types])". For example, "Three Wishes (AAB)" would result in 2 Type A and 1 Type B.

Steve: Male Xatu (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move
Attached: Birdkeeper's Token

Gilderoy: Male Slowking (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ground
No Signature Move

Ken: Shiny Male Gallade (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Dark
No Signature Move

Buzz: Male Galvantula (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Water
No Signature Move

Dye-Are-Hoe-Ia (DAHI): Male Stunfisk (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ice
No Signature Move

Naesala: Male Honchkrow (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move

Clay: Male Gliscor (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ground
No Signature Move.

Dale: Male Kingler (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Hank: Male Primeape (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Dark
No Signature Move

Felix: Male Togetic (Level 3)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move

Male Inkay (Level 3)
No Signature Move

Female Snorunt (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Rafiel: Male Lapras (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Volke: Male Frogadier (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Female Sliggoo (Level 4) - Uplevel
No Signature Move

Female Chansey (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Male Grimer (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Male Pancham (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Battle Records:

Spoiler: show
vs Mewmaster007 (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Concept (Draw, 2 v 2, 0-0)
vs Jeri (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Joshua (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Firewater (Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs Handy (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs SM (Gym Match, Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Dark Magic (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs DD (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Concept (Mozzrules Gym Match, Loss, 2 v 2, 0-2)
vs Kush (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs ID (GAME, Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs LC (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs KJ (Win, 2 v 2, 2-0)
vs Kush (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs Martz (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Emp (Loss, 6 v 6, 0-1)
vs Kin (Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs Spectrum (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs Dave (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-2)
vs Hana (Pokebowl, DQ Win, 1 v 1, 0-0)
vs Treep (Pokebowl, Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs MM (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Rangeet (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1) - Warning: A lot of debating in this thread.
vs BlazeVA (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Shadowshocker (Gym challenge, Loss, 6 v 6, 0-1)
vs Pengyzu (Levelling match, Draw, 2 v 2, 0-0)
vs Tyranidos (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Yougi(Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs [email protected] (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs ChaoticHell83 (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Zerozoner (Loss, 3 v 3, 0-1)
vs Biggggg5 (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)

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